Large bust: blazers and scarves?

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  1. I couldn't find a way to search the forum, so I apologize if this has been covered somewhere in the archives. I have a large bust and a short waist, so I can't imagine that blazers or scarves would be flattering on me because of that. But both would be really useful additions to my work wardrobe (I'm a teacher). Are there any guidelines for clothes that flatter a large bust? thanks!

  1. I have what I affectionately call a generous bustline! I am a B so there is a large difference between my bust and waist and often clothes that fit up top are loser on the waist, adding weight which I don't need any more of! I find the jackets/Blazers that get the compliments are the ones that if done up would have very deep V in the front, generally single button and cut to suck in at the waist. Basically I just keep the eye moving. Scarves are a challenge, I am still working on that. At this point I often wear it long under the collar to add a splash of colour while providing a vertical line. I look forward to hearing what others do. What is your body type because that will impact your choices too!

  2. I'm a B, tall with an undefined waist. I guess my best bet is to actually go to a store and try several on.

  3. I think you would need to keep the scarf high up, rather than hanging down over the bust. There is a useful article - Reader Request: Scarves for Busty Women - on (and useful comments at the end of the article).

  4. Great article suggestion. Thanks I got some good ideas, now if it cools down a bit I will try them out.

  5. I've been trying to find peplum blouses for just this reason! Busty and short-waisted. So far, I haven't found any that I like. Agree with the deep V-necks.

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