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  1. Hi, all. I'm really interested in buying a couple of pairs of NYD Jeans before school starts in August. I'm a petite (5') type C. Monday I visited our local Dillards......zip in my size. So yesterday I visited a BIG Dillards in Austin.......still zip in my size and very little selection. I got on the NYDJ website last night, and there's loads of stuff. I'm primarily interested in skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. Any tips, suggestions? I know MSP swears by NYDJ. What are y'all's experiences? Debra

  1. I bought some NYDJ jeans online at Nordstrom. They are awesome. I think that NYDJ, like many manufacturers, do special make-up products for the large retailers--slightly different fabric, longer length, different colors, etc. In my case, the jeans were long enough for my 34" inseam unlike the 'same' jean at Dillards. Nordstrom offers free shipping on orders AND returns, so there is really no risk if they don't fit.

  2. Thanks, infoforerk. I love Nordstrom! Have ordered from them before. Excellent customer service! Have a great holiday weekend! Debra

  3. Love my NYDJ, I have skinny jeans (black, blue and red) and capris. Love them because I can get the length that works for me and they make me look great. I do find that I buy a size smaller than most other clothes. I have found them a few times on Beyond the Rack and got amazing prices but I feel they are worth the full price too. They really stand up well.

  4. Thanks, Catherine! Both of y'all have given me exactly the kind of feedback I've been looking for. I definitely want the skinny jeans in black and a dark wash. I love that they make petites. Since they will last a long time and look great, I feel they're a worthwhile investment. Will probably get one pair in August and one in September so it doesn't break the bank.

  5. Hi. Just wanted to add there are different styles of the NYD jeans and pants. I have found my favorite to be the jegging as it is a straight leg with a good amount of stretch. Some I have tried without as much stretch seem to bag out in the crotch and hip area. I have 4 pairs of these and love them! I get them in my usual size, as like I said they are tight but give, whereas the other styles I need to go down a size. I find them too at Nordstrom or on Zappos. Well worth the investment.

  6. Does NYD make any that do not have spandex or stretch in them? We don't own an automatic dryer and all the stretchy clothes I have tried do not work well when line dried.

  7. You can often find NYD on Ebay, believe it or not. Just be sure and check the measurements and length.

  8. CAbi says to wash jeans as little as possible. They say to put them in the freezer instead. Here's a link on jean care. CAbi jeans have some stretch to them. http://www.cabionline.com/2014/03/04/denim/

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