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  1. What better day to start a fresh thread then on a Monday! Join us in discussing what we are wearing today, we get to share great ideas, ask for help for our challenges and get support when we need it. We start a new page once we realize we have gotten to pg 2 to save us having to click through. Hope you have a good week and come on over and talk about the great outfits you are putting together or ask for advice.

  1. I'm wearing navy shorts (they graze the top of my knee), gray CAbi t-shirt, flip-flops, and navy toned bracelet and earrings that I made, myself. Have been making navy, gray, and black my core colors. It's coincidental, but I visited the CAbi Factory Outlet Store late May when they were having a big sale. Bought the gray t-shirt, the white pocket tee, the navy Fifth Avenue top, and the lace top ~ all from last spring's collection. The following week, I bought the MSP subscription. Looks like a started my core wardrobe without even realizing it.

  2. Debra, you've made a great start! My outfit for today (business casual office): dark-grey dressy bootcut denims and a boatneck knit top in sky blue/yellow/white stripes, with a long faux gold necklace and red flats. :-) You guys might remember that I worried about buying red shoes, but it turns out that they go with at least half my wardrobe! (I wear a lot of blue and neutrals, so the only time I run into trouble is with the occasional green or purple top. And I have to remember to pay attention to which scarf I'm grabbing.)

  3. You can't beat red shoes! I love red! Your blue/yellow/white stripe top sounds fabulous. I love blue and yellow together. Today I wore a black swimsuit with turquoise trim, silver flip flops, and a black V-neck cover-up. Pool day! Happy summer, everyone!

  4. Last night out to eat...off white capris with a brown & dull orange long sleeved tee with dull gold trim at the top, lightweight brown vest with heavy lace trim and my new brown shoes.


  5. Today was an "I overslept, and grabbed the first things my hands fell on". Not a good idea. I'm wearing a blue polo shirt with the church logo. That's not bad, but the pants I grabbed are a pair of old black pants. They're faded and don't look good at all. So they're going in the trash when I get home. I didn't realize how bad they looked. Note to self: toss out old and faded clothes, unless I'm wearing them to clean house. Also, pick out clothes the night before and make sure the outfit is ready to go. Lesson learned. I'll do better tomorrow. Renee

  6. Rot row! Wore the same thing today that I wore Monday, and I mean exactly the same thing. Had a dr. appointment Monday and went shopping in Austin today....wanted to look neat and pulled together, and I knew that would work. Just bought those shorts a couple of weeks ago (on sale), and they're already just a bit to big. I need to break out of this rut!!!!!!!!!! Maybe my little shopping expedition will help me do just that! Bought a cute pair of sandals (gladiator style) on sale at Nordstrom and 4 t-shirts at Loft (almost the entire store 50% off, just a few exclusions). Bought one in dusty aqua, one in a deep, rich berry, a black one, and a linen one in a delicious rich blue shade. All of these will transition nicely into our hot non-existent Texas fall and go well with jeans, black or navy skirt, etc. Bought a GORGEOUS scarf at Whole Foods. May post a pic of that tomorrow. :-) All in all, a very productive fun day! Debra

  7. Debra, sounds like you had a very good day. I know Texas weather very well since we lived in San Antonio for 12 years. Mississippi is about the same, except it's much more humid. Most of your tops are in colors I can wear and they look good on me. Still need to make time to go shopping for tops before they're all gone. Renee

  8. They were great prices, too, Renee ~ $12.50, except the linen one. It's pretty humid where I live.....lakes and such. Plus....we've had rain almost everyday since April. At least, the grass is green, and we don't have to water!

  9. Renee, overslept wardrobe, thanks for the smile. Did the pants go in the trash? Debra, what great deals you got. Shopping is such fun when you can find deals on clothes that work for you. I am at home working today the only person that will see me beyond my immediate family is the AC repair man. It is Hot Hazy and Humid and we have no AC so I am wearing beige shorts and the world's cutest navy/cream striped tank top that has lace trim on the shoulders (almost makes a cap sleeve) and the hem. I have had this a couple of years and still love it, I manage to layer it so I can wear it year around! Due to the article this week, I made an effort and put on a necklace with a dreamcatcher that falls in the scoop neck of the tank and hoop earrings. On my feet flip flops.

  10. Yes, the pants did go in the trash. Yesterday I wore a pair of royal blue pants, which look really good. I chose a leaf pattern top in shades of blue turquoise with some tan and white. Turquoise earrings and ring and my wedding rings. Pearl blue loafers to finish it off. This evening I'm going to my Bible study potluck. I'll wear the same top with navy blue shorts and tan sandals. Catherine, no AC would have me on the phone to the AC repairman very quickly. Your outfit sounds very comfortable. Renee

  11. Renee. that outfit sounds really cute! Catherine, your outfit sounds really cute, too, and you know I'm a flip flop kind of gal. Wore a navy sundress with bone colored wedge sandals and earrings and bracelet I made, myself. I really like to wear dresses in spring, summer, fall. I find it's cooler for our hot Central Texas weather. I do feel challenged on finding 3 ways to wear dresses, though. Most of the time, it's too hot for a jacket or scarf. How do y'all wear dresses?

  12. 3 ways to wear dresses is tough in the summer. Being a prairie Canadian we have lots of spring, fall and winter that allows for layering but in those few precious months of summer its hard. Sometimes even a necklace feels hot. I would suggest that jewellery and other light accessories such as belts and fun shoes would be the way to make it look different in the summer. Today, after a wet weekend, the heat and humidity are gone! Its actually quite cool. Today I have dressy beige cropped pants (1/2 way between ankle and calf muscle, I think its a good spot) black background with beige floral pattern tunic blouse with elastic at the waist, black statement necklace peaking out the slit at the top of the blouse. My pop today are my denim flats with pointed toe. They have brown leather trim so I think they work. I find it really challenging to not do the matchy matchy thing with my shoes. For years I thought my shoes had to match my outfit, now it feels like living on the wild side when I wear a pair that is a statement on their own.

  13. I'm with Catherine -- go for the jewellery, belts, and shoes! For example, today I'm wearing a blue-and-white striped dress in a boatneck fit-and-flare style. This time I've accessorized it with light brown gladiator sandals and a long triple strand of faux pearls, but other times I'll play up the "nautical"/"yachting" vibe with a red skinny belt and a pendant necklace that has a picture of a tall ship on it. Also works with a (faux or real) gold necklace. For shoes, I could swap in my white wedge sandals for a more sophisticated feel or my red flats to go more casual (and also nautical again). Actually, I would have liked to wear my red flats today because I haven't gotten to wear them with this dress yet, but it's hot here and I really wanted sandals on. ;-)

  14. Catherine, "living on the wild side" with your shoes...I like that. However, I have that problem...NEED to have my shoes blend in.

  15. I've been gradually tiptoeing into the wild side. A few years ago I bought metallic wedge sandals, which are neutral enough to go with everything but not *match* everything (and were/are so comfortable that I quickly started wearing them with everything...). The red flats are me being VERY bold. ;-) Today I'm wearing those metallic sandals with light brown linen bootcut slacks and my purple/white/black/taupe graphic shell, and a faux gold statement necklace.

  16. Sounds good wonderer, so happy that you like your red flats you worked hard and took your time to find just the right ones and it really shows now! Had a VERY early start to my workday needing to be at the worksite by 7am and its an hour drive. So I picked out my clothes last night and fell into them this morning. Thankfully the weatherman was right and I was dressed appropriately. Navy cropped pants that have a floral pattern on them (navy on navy so they read as solid from any distance). Red Vneck Tshirt and elbow length colour block cardigan (red, blues and white). I had to have on closed toe shoes so I had red slip ons that have a 2inch heel and are super comfy. Maybe we need a weekly challenge to encourage us to try something new, like wearing shoes that are statement pieces!

  17. There are some animal print t-strap sandals I have my eye on, but they have to go on sale first. Still looking for navy wedge sandals and having no luck. Would really like to get some riding boots this year, but that's going to be a toughie. I have a very small foot and short shapely calves. The calf needs to be at least 15" around and the shaft can't be high than 13.5".

  18. Debra, where did you find the animal print t-strap sandals? I've been keeping my eye out for some kind of animal print shoes. That may be as wild as my "wild side" gets!

  19. Nordstrom

  20. Deanna we are sharing a brain, I too have been thinking about animal print shoes but what pattern. Cheeta print seems common but I don't wear much of those colours because I am a summer. Can those colours work with my colour palette? Today I am wearing the same skort as I have wore very many times this summer, to change it up a bit I am wearing it with a white T with a rounded scope neck and an Egyptian looking royal blue and silver necklace filling in the gap. Simple hoop earrings. What sandals with flower at the front. For a change I am wearing my hair up today. It is so cool and comfy to have all that hair off my neck but very different for me. I generally only tie it up for working out.

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