Aging Style Mistakes

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  1. Bravo! Excellent story this week about what could be making you look older. I found I have a few of these I need to improve on. Since this experience is about making those adjustments I am willing for the first time in my life to do the work that is needed. I'm excited about it, not angry that I'm being called out. Anyone is feeling the same? I feel a brave new me coming around!!!

  1. I need new bras!!!!!!!!! Have lost 55 pounds and 55" since December 1. Bought a new bra back in that I'm near my goal, I need to (gradually) expand my bra wardrobe. Still puzzled on buying cute, comfy shoes without breaking the bank, though. I seem to live in flip flops, and they're not really flattering. I need Missus Smarty Pants to take me shoe shopping in person. I bought the subscription to Missus Smarty Pants as a reward to myself when I lost 40 pounds. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad I did! Will probably add the Color thing before the end of summer. I'm most pleased with my subscription. It re-affirms what I was instinctively doing and helps me so much in the areas where I was missing the mark. Thank you, Missus Smarty Pants!

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