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  1. Hi all, just wanted to say that I've subscribed to this service for several years, but only recently started to actually wear the suggested complete outfits in the style guide. Wow! What a difference! I've always dressed pretty well, but sometimes I can tend to put together the same kinds of things. For the last decade, I was only shopping at a specific, very expensive store, so that is probably why everything looked kind of the same. Going outside of my comfort zone and wearing the combos in the style articles has actually been fun and has helped me stir things up a bit (with the added bonus of saving me money!). Thanks, MSP, for your service! Also, I appreciate that she answered a style question for me, privately, which was very helpful! I'm having a great time each week, putting new outfits together. :-)

  1. Way to go! We would love to see what you are wearing on that thread. Thanks for sharing your positive improvements. Bonus, saving money, yeah!

  2. Welcome to the forum! Great to hear about your experiences. I don't tend to copy the exact outfits, in part because I don't have access to the same stores (I'm Canadian), but I'm glad it has helped you shake up your style game! Keep on having fun. :-)

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