tops to go with maxi skirts

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  1. Hi! I am an E type, and was wondering what length top to wear with maxi skirts that I have. I have a black one, black/white chevron one, and another black/beige print (noticing a pattern here!) one. I don't like to have my upper arms showing, so something with a sleeve is best - not a tank top. Tank tops look cute on the models but not on me. And it is HOT and HUMID in Texas, so don't really want to wear another jacket or cardigan over it. How long should the top be? I see models wearing tops that come to top of skirt or mid-hip. But I'm thinking I need something a little longer.Thanks for the help!

  1. Welcome to the forum! I think the idea with maxi skirts is that because the skirt is long and flowing, you want a more fitted shirt up top so you're not lost in fabric. A shirt with sleeves could work if the body and sleeves are semi-fitted. I would tuck in the top, or go for a shorter length, again so you don't look as if you're lost in it -- a long shirt on top of a long skirt would just be too much and wouldn't work with your proportions. OR you could wear a longer, more flowing shirt if you belt it at the waist. Your skirts sound really cute...good luck styling them, and keep us posted!

  2. You will want to accentuate the positive. The Maxi skirt is covering up your legs and that is lots of fabric, the two with patterns means a lot is happening. i would wear a blouse that is fairly simple, fitted but not clingy. As an E you probably want it to come to your upper hip level so it doesn't emphasis your stomach or hips. I also would try tucking it in and see how you feel. If you have curves that would emphasis them. I would not go long as that would look like you were hiding in the fabric. There are some great pictures on Pinterest, most of which seem to show tucking in on women of all shapes and sizes.

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