Dressing dilemma: Saturday night in the city

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  1. Hi all! I have a dilemma. Saturday is my SIL's birthday, and she wants to go out on the town. But her ideas for what to do range from going to a board-games cafe to clubbing, and she doesn't want to pre-plan, just go out and see where the winds take us. What can I wear to be ready for anything? Here's an added wrinkle: most of my "dress-up" clothes are more suitable for either the office or a wedding, not a Saturday night in the city. Help!

  1. How about you wear your skinny jeans and dress them up. Are your new red shoes heels?

  2. Skinny jeans is my vote too. I think you aren't a heels person but this sounds like that sort of thing. How's the temperature, could you layer a shirt with a pretty tank under it. Shirt on for board games and off you ready to hit the clubs! Good Luck, we need to see pictures of an outfit that can do all this!

  3. Skinny jeans and a pretty tank top with a blazer or jean jacket. And the heels! :) ~Gwen

  4. Good ideas, ladies! Jeans will be a lot more versatile (and comfortable) than some of the other ideas I had. My red shoes are flats, alas, but I do have a couple of wedge-heeled sandals that would work, or even a pair of sparkly silver stilettos (not terribly high) if I'm feeling dangerous. ;-) Layering sounds perfect -- could use my white cardi with elbow-length sleeves, or my chambray or white jean jacket if it's cooler. I'm a little short on dressy tanks...if I get a chance this week I'll try and pick one up, otherwise it'll be shopping the closet! (I do have a couple of tanks with skinny criss-cross straps; they're both patterned cotton, so more "daytime" than "evening", but my other option is choosing one of the shells that I wear to work, and I suspect those will feel too stodgy.)

  5. Maybe wear a plain shell or tank and dress it up with a FANCY necklace. How do your skinny jeans look with flats?

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