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  1. This week one of my coworkers and I have been playing twins. We are both virtual employees so we don't see a lot of each other but this week we were going to be at meetings together 3 days in a row. Tuesday, we both show up wearing yellow tops and black bottoms. Wednesday, we show up in royal blue sweaters. People commented that there seems to be a pattern. Today, we congratulated ourselves for not matching and both admitted we looked at our closets and tried to find the item most unlike what we thought the other would wear. Today I wore black capris, black wedge sandals, lime green Tshirt with a fancy design along the rounded neckline and a floral jacket (black, hot pink, lime green, white). This is one of my favourite summer blazers as it has 3/4 length sleeves and the fabric breaths very well.

  1. LOL! Now I'm curious as to what your coworker wore today. Love the idea of pulling out a colour from the patterned jacket -- haven't got the knack of that yet. Renee, I'll be sending you good thoughts for shopping luck! Today's outfit: had a meeting with my boss, so I punched up my "casual Friday" pieces with a little more formality. Dark-wash skinny jeans, v-neck tee in navy/aqua/orange/white, navy blazer, long faux gold necklace, and metallic wedge sandals. Happy Friday, all!

  2. Thanks for all the good thoughts. I found 3 pair of pants, black, navy blue, and white. I found them at Dillard's. The nicest saleslady told about the Investment line. They come in two lengths, so I was able to find a pair that don't need to be hemmed. I bought the black, and ordered the navy blue and white. The pants have a wide waistband like yoga pants. Not a problem since I never tuck in my tops. I didn't really find any tops, but I'm going to go to Kohl's. I've bought tops there before and I like how they fit. One item that's high on my list is a denim jacket. I want one that's not too casual. Wonderer, your outfit sounds really nice. Is you tee patterned? Catherine, did you and your co-worker match today? Hope you all have a great weekend. Renee

  3. Finally, we went someplace different and I wore something different! We have a new slightly upscale restaurant in our little town. I wore off white knit jeans with a teal shell, layered with a s/s print blouse (teal and browns), a long turquoise necklace, medium gold hoop earrings and brown strappy sandals. I felt pretty cute ????


  4. I don't know why I got question marks. That's not what I put :(

  5. Very cute combo, deanna! I like that printed top; thanks for the pic, it is hard to visualize just a description.

  6. Renee -- Hooray! I'm so happy that Dillard's worked out for you. And yes, my tee was striped (white background). Deanna, that looks like a great combo. I've been meaning to start taking pictures, but my full-length mirror currently reflects way too much junk...LOL. Today's outfit: a sheath dress, mostly white with a black floral pattern, and a turquoise and silver pendant. I had a peach cardi on top but it's a little too warm for that in the office.

  7. All you ladies sound so lovely. I have been MIA due to the kids summer activities. Run, run, and more run. I've tried to remember to take photos thought. :) Love the lacy green waterfall cardigan - just a little cover. Hate the tan top, adding that to the donation bin. Not sure on the black leggings with the dress, it was cold out that day but still spring?? Love the new beige jacket I bought, goes with tons that I own. USA Memorial Day outfight; the red, white and blue didn't come across well in the photo. Another chilly day and the boots came back out! Thoughts, comments, observations are welcome. ~Gwen

  8. None of my photos posted!!! Wonder why???? I'll try again. ~Gwen


  9. Still have more photos. I don't think I have posted in 4-5 weeks! Sorry. Picked up this great dark brown and off white sun dress. Chambray dress and sweater in spring green.. I also picked up this animal patterned blazer; it's tan and black. Any ideas on what else to wear it with other than tan and black? Baring in mind that I'm autumn coloring. Lacey cardigan; love it. Decked out in blue for another cool day. I think the portions might be off in the blue top and skirt outfit. The skirt has little light blue and white flowers on it; not sure you can see that. Thought on the proportions? Chambray dress and sweater in mint. Same mint sweater and a brighter blue dress. And today! Black and the lacy green cardigan. Comments are welcome. ~Gwen


  10. Welcome back Gwen, I was missing your pictures. Cardigan is awesome! You have some fantastic colour combos going. As for the dress with leggings, I liked it but I think the shoes weren't working. Something lighter on your feet, a heel or strappy sandal might be a better choice. The outfit with the boots AWESOME!!!!! you looked so young. You are so wonderful at layering, I am sure these pics of your great outfits will encourage others. Renee, fabulous to find 3 pairs of pants. The wide waist band will be comfy. Having a good salesperson makes such a huge difference. Good luck with tops next! Deanna, haven't seen you in a while. The outfit was very cute, nice colour combo. Today I needed layering help so we will just cross it off and do better tomorrow. I had a cap sleeve blouse and white cotton pants with my favourite white and metallic shoes. It was fine just not complete. I am home now and switched to gingham shorts, navy Tshirt and left my necklace on which is a large teardrop statement necklace. I think I look better now then I did all day, I home the broom and mop appreciate it since that is what I am suppose to be doing right now! keep up the good work!

  11. Catherine, I look in every day...but sometimes don't have anything interesting to add, and I'm often not wearing anything noteworthy:(( Gwen, my favorite is your green waterfall cardigan...a good color for you. I also like your hair in that first pic, where its kind of mussed. I like the one too where your hair is more back over your ears. Good job on all the pics. wonderer, waiting to see what you wear this Saturday night for the b'day celebration.

  12. Gwen, love the royal blue dress with the light blue shrug. You look so good with a scarf. Haven't had a chance to go shopping for tops yet, but I checked online and found some. If I can't get them in the store, I'll order online. Today, I'm wearing khaki pants and a leaf-patterned top in shades of pink and rose with a little tan and white. The top looks good with tan or white and is very comfortable. Comfortable tan SAS loafers, gold earrings, and an amber ring along with my wedding rings. Renee

  13. Gwen, nice to "see" you around! I think your instincts are spot-on, and Catherine's right, your layering is great. The green cardigan is gorgeous on you, and the mint sweater is great too. For the blue skirt with the little flowers, I agree, a shorter top layer would look better. The animal-patterned blazer would really pop with red or a green that leans towards blue, and I bet it'd work with some shades of blue, too (like that bright blue dress). And I'm with Deanna, your hair in that first pic makes you look much younger! You can kind of see it in some of the other pics too, like the one with the tan blazer or the green cardigan with the white top and pale pants, or the last one with the all-black...I think the difference is the bangs. Catherine, you win some, you lose some...at least you can spot when you're having an "off" day!

  14. Whoops, missed Renee's post...sounds like a great outfit. Good luck with buying tops! Today's outfit: brown linen bootcut slacks with metallic wedges, white cap-sleeve blouse (over a white cami because it's kind of see-through...), and a long asymmetrical necklace. Stuck an orange scarf in my bag in case I need it this evening. (Did I mention that the bag I carry 95% of the time is purple? It's a shoulder bag that converts to a backpack, which is important because I have back problems and a one-shoulder bag makes them worse. The purple doesn't go with everything, but it makes me happy, so...done!)

  15. Hi there, I'm fairly new to the forums....but just wanted to say to Gwen that you really know your color palette! The autumn colored garments look fantastic...the black can be overpowering, but the greens, turquoise, browns, creams and tans are gorgeous on you! And your hair is lovely, too. I think the green crochet vest is darling and so is the animal print jacket. Have you thought about pairing it with turquoise or coral? Both would look fab on you!

  16. Good Morning. Wonderer, we are too much alike when it comes to colours. Purple makes me happy too. I carry my office in a rolling bag, Red faux leather! I am constantly stopped by strangers to compliment it. I have a rolling bag because of back issue so i can't carry things on my shoulder. My purses are either cross body or back pack style or tiny clutches. Renee, pink etc and khaki, awesome colour combo happening. Accessorizing sounds just about spot on! Today it is hot, hazy and humid (3H day) I don't really want to turn on the air-conditioning so instead I am wearing a grey wrap around skort and pink sleeveless polo shirt. Small pendant necklace and hoop earrings. Its a work from my home office so no one is seeing me but my family. I don't want to wear more clothes or heavy jewellery but the look would look better layered. How does everyone deal with dressing in the heat.

  17. tcarey, great suggestions! Catherine, your red bag sounds fabulous. You're right, we do have a very similar colour sense...it's always extra interesting to hear what you're wearing, for that reason. ;-) For dressing in the heat...I try very hard to find tops that I can wear through the heat to the office without needing to add a cami underneath, but it's difficult with the current fashions -- see-through everything! (Plus I usually need a cardi or something because of the AC at work.) I love wearing cotton skirts and sandals -- so cool and breezy. Capris and shorts, not so much -- being a C, it's hard to find the right proportions. I'm always on the lookout for lightweight dresses in pretty patterns, too. Since I'm pale-skinned, if I know I'm going to be outside in the sun, I try to choose a light cotton top that will cover my upper back and shoulders. Today's outfit: B&W patterned skirt in a flared style that hits a few inches above the knee; royal blue boatneck shell; white s/s cardi (I'm wearing that a lot this season); faux gold and silver necklace; and my red shoes again (with no-show socks).

  18. ...and today: dark grey dressy denims, cobalt blue v-neck cardi over a white cami, mint statement necklace, and black shoes. :-)

  19. hi Everyone! Today I am wearing a maxi dress, tank top style and empire waist in shades of blue. I topped it off with a black crochet cardigan for the air-conditioned parts of my day. Funky very large pendant necklace in the V of the dress and blue earrings. white dressy sandals with a flower at the front. I have now read this weeks article. I thought I looked good until then! I am cool, covered and got compliments. The issue is the fabric, it is light and flawy as a result doesn't cover my extra weight I am working on. A little more structure would probably look better BUT I bet it would not be nearly as comfy.

  20. Early start to the day so I can end early too. it is a really hot one today but I will be in air conditioning. So white denim capris, hot pink wedge sandals, pink tank top with white and silver designs all over, white crochet cardigan to stay warm. The top is gorgeous on its own but is a fun to see peeking out from under the cardigan. It is so busy that I am wearing a simple necklace and silver hoop ear rings. Have a great weekend everyone.

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