sox or not?

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  1. since I don't wear tights or pantyhose anymore, what should I wear with flats or sandals so my feet stay comfortable?

  1. Definitely no socks with sandals! :-) For flats, you can get "no show" socks that cover the bottom of the foot and the toes but leave the top of your foot bare. (Or, if you're uncool like me, just wear regular socks...) For fall/winter, opaque tights are very fashionable and come in a wide range of fabrics and colours.

  2. I agree, no socks with sandals. I,like Wonderer, wear regular socks with flats. Black cotton socks, if with jeans. Don't care whether it's the right thing to do, it's very comfortable... Tried wearing white cotton socks with white jeans last summer. That looked a bit odd. Then I wore no socks and the tops of my feet got sunburned!

  3. Funny wonderer, back when...probably in the 60's...we went through a time period when we did wear socks with sandals...seems like it was mostly in the winter. We wore short shorts (called hot pants), sandals and socks (often very colorful prints, stripes, etc. for the socks. A fun time and they were very

  4. LOL, deanna! Just goes to show how fashion changes. My husband thinks that a fashion trend is something that would look silly if worn in the wrong year. He has a point! ;-) To get back on topic, I should clarify that I only wear regular socks with flats if I'm wearing full-length pants. Otherwise, "no show" socks or no socks.

  5. Diddo! I wear thin dress socks in flats if I am wearing full length pants. I have several styles of no show socks that cover different amounts of my feet. I also have them in beige and black. Black is handy in the black flats if a little peeks out! Sandals, if my feet aren't comfy naked in them I don't buy them. I think if i need socks for warmth it is probably too cold for sandals. Natasha, thanks for the reminder about sun burns on the feet. I always put sunscreen on the top of my feet before putting bare feet into any footwear. I use a 30 SPF because my fair skin burns fairly quickly. Another thing, if you wear socks in your flats, it is hard to switch to bare feet. your sock feet will stretch the shoes a tiny bit, then when you wear them with bare feet you may get rubbing and a blister, the no show socks help with that.

  6. Yes, I forgot the question might refer to skirts, dresses and shorts, as well as jeans and trousers. Just shows that I'm in jeans mostly. The no-show socks/ socklets sound like a good idea. May try them with the white jeans. (I'm imagining some strange scenarios - lol). Wouldn't recommend socks with skirts or dresses or shorts. However perhaps we should just wear whatever we like?

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