How do I dress "age appropriate"?

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  1. I am a young thinking 67 year old. I notice a lot of women my age that seem to dress like little old ladies. I don't want to dress like that! I've been with you too long and know better, however, I don't want to dress like a 20 year old. How do I know what is appropriate?

  1. I am 48 and often wonder this same thing noticing people I work with are struggling too. You are not an old lady and shouldn't dress like it. Here are my guidelines. I ask myself the too questions... is it too short, shows too much skin, straps are too thin, too tight etc. I wear what the 20 somethings wear but the grown up version of each item. Take a look what they are wearing and see how the basic look could be achieved but with a bit more "class", example instead of low ride jeans with torn areas, I wear dark wash jeans that are just below my natural waist and have slightly faded areas on the front of the thighs. If they fit great you will look great. T shirts, I don't wear the ones with words on because I don't want attention to that area so instead I wear well fitted tshirts and a statement necklace. Good Luck.

  2. I'm 65 and have trouble finding clothes that are age appropriate. Most of the clothing shown for the articles each week are geared to slim 20 year olds, not for anyone over 30. I try to look for tops that have a nice sleeve to them (forget pretty dressy blouses, they aren't out there), classic cut pants, knit shirts that don't show off every bulge I have. Many of the dresses today are slightly retro so you probably can find something. I can't, I'm too fat for the styles. Look at colors you like and look good on you. A shirt in your primary color with a pair of dark slacks will give you a great look.

  3. Hi, I disagree that the clothes shown in the articles are geared to slim 20 year olds, rtcampbell. That's what the *models* look like but that's not MSP's fault, that's the fault of the stupid companies who market their clothes using only this standard kind of model. I find that if I peer closely at the actual clothes, they are very adaptable. You just have to half-close your eyes and imagine the clothes on another model. :-)

  4. I do try to look at just the clothes, but most of the tops are sleeveless, the pants are straight-leg and ride above the ankles. These don't look good on this 5'4" overweight (fat) 65 year old. They're for someone much slimmer and younger. Until the fashion designers stop designing frumpy clothes for older and heavier women, we don't stand much of a chance. Renee

  5. I agree that it's very important to wear the colours that suit you best, and to adapt fashion to suit you. Have a modern hairstyle and accessories, smart shoes and jewellery. (Not sure I manage to do all this at all times!) I don't know what the equivalent is in America, but in the UK I can find fashionable long-sleeved blouses in Debenhams, BHS and Marks and Spencers. More likely to find long-sleeved blouses in the spring and autumn ranges, but the fabrics are ok.

  6. Rtcampbell, check out Talbots. They have fabulous pants in Women Petites and are adding dresses. Before losing 55 pounds, I always bought my pants there....I'm 5'. The styles are classic, and they're starting their Red Hanger sale. Good luck! :-)

  7. Debra, I used to shop at Talbots. That's when I was wearing sizes 10 or 12. But we don't have a Talbots here. The closest one is an hour away. Their clothes are beautiful, but also very, very pricey. I simply don't have the money to pay $80+ for one piece of clothing.

  8. Rtcampbell, I just checked out the Talbots Red Hanger Sale. LOADS of pants on sale in the $35-$40 range. I've always been pleased with the quality of their clothing. Hope this helps. Getting a couple of pairs of basic, well-fitting, quality pants may be exactly what you need. Sometimes we deserve a splurge. Wishing you well. Debra

  9. Debra, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the nearest Talbot's is an hour away. If I'm traveling and pass one I may stop. Renee

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