polo shirts, yay or nay?

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  1. So, I wore a short sleeve polo shirt for the first time in a long time. I really felt comfortable in it and felt that it showcased my fine jewelry (necklaces). However, I am wondering if MSP considers these shirts too boxy? Are they completely out of style, perhaps? I am a "B" body type and am petite. I've tried to research online, but most of the things I find suggest that they are too ugly for a self-respecting woman to wear, lol! Any thoughts on this from the community?

  1. I vote Yay, I wear polo and henley shirts all the time. However I do also wear an overshirt or jacket. I need to keep my arms covered or I sunburn and I also have other stuff on my belt that needs to stay concealed. They may not be stylish but they are neat yet suitable for working on a farm. I can still look polished when people show up for a farm tour. They fit my version of style perfectly.

  2. I wear polo shirts at work. I have them in several different shades of blue, with our church logo embroidered on them. They look good with slacks, and are very comfortable. I can wear just earrings or add a short necklace for a little more bling. I agree with you about a lot of clothing being inappropriate. Too revealing or just plain ugly. What are these designers on when they're putting together their fashion line? Renee

  3. Thanks for your replies, ladies, I think I am going to continue wearing them, as they fit my "preppy" style. I would love to know if MSP has any tips on making sure that they are as flattering as possible. Wonder if she interacts on the forum very often.

  4. I have a polo shirt in aqua blue that I ADORE. I wear it all the time. It is Kathmandu brand (and Australian outdoor store), so it breathes in the hot weather and is incredibly comfortable. It's also a women's cut, so is fitted (but not tight) and I think it looks flattering. I'm a C. I'll see if I can attach a photo.


  5. Nice, Rebecca...your polo shirt is a great fit!

  6. That does look great! I think the fact that it's fitted makes a big difference. Lovely colour on you, too. :-)

  7. Rebecca, that polo is very flattering on you, not boxy at all, and a great color! Thanks for posting the pic!

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