What to wear in extreme heat...NOT

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  1. Just wanted to say that I was disappointed that every. single. option. given to wear in hot weather in this week's article was sleeveless--usually a tank top. I do not wear sleeveless tops for religious reasons, and many very overweight or older women do not either, for the obvious reason that they are not flattering. The outfits featured would look good on MSP, but not on a 250lb woman. Or on someone in their 70s. This service would be much more useful if it truly took into consideration how real women actually look in the outfits--not women who are 6' tall and weigh 145lbs, but normal (& likely rather overweight if looking around my community is any indication--and I live in the fittest state in the union!). Tank tops and short shorts do not highlight my best features--or most other women's either! Please remember us--those for whom a tank top is inappropriate or impossible. Surely there is something that looks good for US to wear when it's hot!

  1. I've said before and I'll say it again, "they don't make clothes for real people". If you're over the age of 30, most of the styles are not suitable. A great example is that sheer top shown in the article. I don't know of anyone who would wear that. And, because it's sheer, you have to wear a tank top or cami underneath. Trust me, in South Mississippi, we don't layer in hot weather. KTN, I totally agree with you. I can't find clothes that fit or look good, unless I want to hire someone to sew for me. A woman must be at least 5'10 and thin or she must be no more than 25 years old. Maybe one day fashion designers will wake up and realize they're losing money by not making clothes for real people. Renee

  2. I just read the article. There certainly was a lot (read all) tank tops and with very narrow straps at that. I do wear tank tops but with wide straps over the shoulder, I still have undergarments that must be wore. For work I can only wear tanks if I have a jacket or sweater over them unlessI am outside. I LOVE 100% cotton and linen clothes, I have both tops and bottoms. They breath and keep me cool. Even longer sleeves are still wonderfully cool. Bonus I don't get a sunburn through them so I have been known to take a long sleeve top to the beach with me. the big issue is you have to iron them and that isn't fun in the heat either. They are also hard to find this year, sometimes I think I should start sewing my own clothes again. I did it as a teenager when I couldn't afford the fashions I wanted.

  3. Dear SYSters,

    Thank you for your input regarding this week's article. Apparently it was not your cup of tea. It's just June 5th and my goal was to give my style SYSters as much outfit suggestions as possible prior to the hot summer months.

    This week's "What to wear in the heat" may have not been on point for you, but I hope I've inspired in some way your summer style with the other 3 (currently posted) articles:

    "What to pack for a 3-day getaway"

    "Swimsuits-for every body type"

    PLUS May 21st style article (this one has proved to be VERY popular) "The go-to Guide for Summer Outfits". Here in this article, I've shown how 12 basic summer pieces can create 16 summer looks--and more!

    The idea of each style article is to INSPIRE you. Many of these looks most women can copy exactly. However, sometimes outfits only inspire you by the use of a particular color palette or use of accessories in an attractive way. Pick and choose what you like and don't like. Let them influence how you want to create the look for yourself.

    Please use the style articles to inspire your sense of style and expand it beyond what it is today. TRY, discover. Not everything is a "perfect" fit (as we can see from today's "ready-to-wear" clothing, you've got to make style happen for you-alter clothes, find brands you love, find your best silhouttes and avoid ones not right for you...etc.)

    For example, if you love an outfit but the shorts are too short-perhaps a longer short or pant would be more appealing to you? Don't like wearing camis? I get that, they are not flattering on a full stature woman and should be exchanged for a tank or shell that has more shoulder coverage. BTW, if you are concerned about your upper arms and are not sure if you can go sleeveless, I've written this post to help you decide: Should I Cover Up My Wobbly Arms?

    My dear SYSters, it continues to be my mission to help ALL women feel more confident and love the woman they are today. I want women to rejoice in their own brand of style! Express their personality in the clothes they wear.

    I will take your insight to heart and will be sure to keep it in mind in all the future articles.

    With love, Leslie MSP

  4. Well said ktn

  5. Thank you MSP. With your style ideas I'm starting to put together a good basic wardrobe for summer! I haven't had this much fun in years. Btw, my body is not in the best shape but I feel younger and more alive. I understand my arms are not so good but I am able to make smarter choices since joining. I won't being wearing much sleeveless but your weekly info is spot-on!

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