Color Quandry

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  1. I have been classified as a Winter, however I find that I feel more comfortable in creamy whites rather than icy whites. I also get confused with red- I like more rusty reds than bright clear reds and coral/punch reds for summertime. Am I ignoring my seasonal color or is there a reason for my challenge to this pallet?

  1. Leanne, I always thought I was a Winter, and then I had my colors done at a personal appointment with a color consultant. I found out I'm a Summer with Spring overtones. Next time you go shopping, try on several colors in a certain range, both those in your pallete and those you think look good on you. That might give you more of an idea of which colors actually look best on you.

  2. It really is confusing when we divide the colours into four seasons because most people lean one way or another. According to my analysis which I did in person with a colour consultant I am a true summer, she claimed at the time that was rare and most people lean to spring or fall. Perhaps you are a winter that leans toward the spring or fall. Love the idea of trying several colours and really taking a look. If you can find the old book "Colour me Beautiful" it will help. There are some useful sites on line too but its hard to get accurate colour on your screen.

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