What did I wear today?

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  1. New page since we were well onto page 2! Today, teleconference and webX all day so comfort is important. Hot pink jeans, multi pink and white striped T. Long white cardigan that is fitted at the waist. I feel very girly today.

  1. Sounds like a cute outfit! For me: dark-wash skinny jeans, jade green and white striped tee, long faux gold necklace, and gladiator sandals. No extra layer because it's hot! I'm trying something "new to me" and rolling up my jeans, but can't decide on the best length or cuff width. Right now they're 3" above my anklebones. I'm a long-waisted, short-legged C (which is why I don't normally wear ankle pants or capris -- skirts are much more flattering on me in general), so I've tucked in my t-shirt for once to balance out my proportions. Happy Friday, all!

  2. So how often did you adjust the length of you pants? I have found there seems to be a magical spot on my legs when I roll up the pants, somewhere between my calf and ankle but its always a game. Today, I am wearing black capris that end just below the knee, a short sleeve wrap top with a ruffle on one side in black, white, aqua and lime green geometric pattern. Black flat sandals. Black necklace in the V portion and plain silver hoops. I am wearing an anklet that matches the necklace. Not sure if this is good or bad according to MSP.

  3. Oh, two or three times. ;-) I wouldn't mind trying capris that are just past the knee, but haven't found any yet. Re: matching jewellery, I think MSP advises to mix it up. Today's outfit: temperature has dropped again, so I'm in grey slacks, white s/s button-down, and a long-sleeved cobalt cardi, with a black-and-clear statement necklace. The combo looks a bit fussy and fall/winter-y to me, but I didn't have time to change. Besides, we've been having a cool spring here and I've been seeing people in tights, booties, and even boots. I just bought a mint necklace, so that should help with the seasonal outfits. :-) (I've been on the lookout for mint tops, but haven't found any I like the cut of...everything's so baggy. What happened to body-skimming?)

  4. today, the weather is not hot and very windy(?) i wore my new pink sneakers, casual jeans , emeraude cardigan , and grey and black necklace in the V. A turqoise (blue aqua?) jacket. the weather forecast for this week is about 28° C during 4 days, hope, hope, hope... i m so excited to wear again sundresses, shorts and sandals!

  5. Veronique, I know the feeling! Windy is the right word, yes. :-) Today's outfit: navy slacks, light taupe wrap top with eggplant cami, and multicoloured necklace.

  6. ...and today: dark grey dressy denims and a pastel yellow sweater with elbow-length sleeves over a B&W animal-print button-down. Accessorized with a red and silver necklace and a faux pearl bracelet.

  7. ...and for today, brown linen bootcut slacks, metallic wedges, graphic patterned top (black/white/various purples and pinks), white s/s cardi, silver necklace.

  8. Its been a very busy week. Today I had to have closed toe shoes on so I had my strappy shoes on white with silver, gold, bronze straps woven it and about a 2 inch heel. I wore them with short dress pants (a couple of inches above the ankle), white lace tank (with solid under layer), pale blue boyfriend style blazer. Long silver necklace to cover up the fact that I have a crew neck top on! I wore the jacket for the meeting and tour and lost it when we were on the outside part of the tour. Yesterday, i wore denim capris that cut me right at the wrong part of my calf (according to MSP) but my calves are one of my strong features so I don't worry about it. I topped it with a V neck multi blue striped T shirt and blue sneakers. It was a work on my computer at home day! Tuesday I wore an outfit I have wore before and loved. Floral A line skirt, stormy blue Tshirt and cream denim jacket with cream wedge sandals.

  9. Sounds like some great summery outfits, Catherine! Today's outfit for casual Friday: dark-wash skinny jeans with a blue tunic-style top (semi-fitted, with 3/4-length sleeves) and light brown gladiator sandals. Couldn't decide which of two necklaces to wear, so I'm wearing both -- a long faux gold chain and a mint green statement necklace. ;-) Happy weekend, all!

  10. Going to a casual family gathering, so I'm wearing navy blue shorts, a red knit shirt, and bronze sandals. I'll add silver jewelry.

  11. Very stylish, Renee! Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, cobalt blue cardi over a white cami, and my new mint necklace again to make it feel spring-y.

  12. And today: navy slacks, light blue/white/yellow striped boatneck top, metallic leaf necklace...and my new red shoes. :-)

  13. New red shoes, fantastic! I hope after all your searching they are comfy and make you smile every time you see them. Renee that outfit sounds like a great fun casual outfit. I was at the cottage all weekend and we are VERY casual there. Yesterday it was back to routine and wore a white and black horizontal striped dress fitted to the upper hip and then flared out. Until a couple of years ago I didn't realize I could wear horizontal stripes, I had always thought it would make me look bigger. Its all in how the stripes work so I encourage everyone to try stripes out. They can be flattering. The neckline was crew neck which isn't great for me but I wore a big statement necklace in black, silver and faux crystals. I wore red strappy sandals that have a couple of inch heel. Today, I am home working all day so I am wearing one of my favourite outfits for the summer navy, med blue skort with a small print that looks like wheat seeds and a med blue tshirt and brown flip flops. I think I have wore this one almost every weekend since it started to get warm. I bought the skort at Costco to wear at the cottage and then I wouldn't worry about damaging it. Its so comfy I wish I had bought the other patterns too, I would happily wear this everyday!

  14. Catherine, I'm with you on the stripes. I find thinner stripes are better on me, and it helps if there's a diagonal line somewhere -- two of my t-shirts have v-necks that cut into the stripes, and I have a dress where some of the stripes are actually diagonal. Oh, and the usual rules for C's -- more visual interest up top, etc. Your skort sounds great! My outfit for today: navy slacks, navy lace shell, white s/s cardi, long faux gold necklace and an orange scarf. I think of it as "classic meets boho/artsy"...which describes a lot of what I wear, actually. ;)

  15. Today's outfit: dark grey slacks with the graphic drape-neck shell (purple/taupe/black/white), faux gold statement necklace, thin silver bracelet.

  16. And for casual Friday: dark-wash skinny jeans, lightweight oversized sweater with horizontal stripes in brown/tan/cream, long metallic leaf necklace to offset the stripes, and my red shoes. :-)

  17. Monday's outfit: multicoloured high-low dress with an abstract pattern (pink/orange/yellow/green). Wide orange belt, white cardi, white wedge sandals, and a silver necklace.

  18. ...and today: dark grey dressy denims, red blouson-style shell, light-wash denim blazer, long triple strand of faux pearls, and red shoes!

  19. Today black capris with a black and white flowered top and comfortable black loafers. I chose gold and taupe earrings since the top has shades of taupe and grey as well as black. Add to that an opal ring and my wedding rings. I'm trying to feel good about myself when I look at myself in a full-length mirror. Renee

  20. Sounds great Renee! Sometimes it can be hard to love ourselves when we look in a full length mirror but we must always try! Good for you, keep it up. I have hardly had any spare time and it is showing... guess what I am wearing? Same as the last time I posted! I just put a cardigan over the top because there is a cool breeze this morning. I need to do some planning ahead on the weekends so I have my outfits for the week picked out in advance. This may be a cute and comfy outfit but I have a lot of clothes that need to be worn!

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