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  1. Who read the email from MSP about clothing budget this week? Who spend 10% of their take home pay (after taxes etc) on clothing and accessories? Is that 10% for the entire family? So many questions. On the upside it did get me thinking about my budget and how much is realistic. I have always thought it should be a percentage of the after necessities (food, water, mortgage, insurance, telephone, electricity etc). I would love to have insight what others do it just seems like a very high percentage.

  1. I can't even imagine spending that much on clothing no matter if it included a huge family! FWIW We generally spend total between half a percent to a max of 1 percent on clothing. The 1% is when I've had to buy all new winter coats for all of us in the same year or several pairs of boots. I do look at cost per wear and will buy higher quality expensive clothes but I also will keep clothing for a long time. If it's all natural fibers (silk, wool, cotton, linen and hemp) it will tend to last a lot longer than anything with synthetics in it. I agree that the percentage mentioned in the e-mail is very high.

  2. I've found 4% for the entire family when I did a search around the web a few months ago. If housing is supposed to be 30% and is often 50%, 10% seemed really high for clothes.

  3. Glad to hear that I am not alone. BaaBaa, I just made a joke about farmers going broke a few days ago when a friend had a pair of hemp pants on that she wears constantly and they still look great, she has had them for several years. Hemp is awesome, I had several pair of pants and a jacket that I shrunk out of. I would buy more but I am still trying to lose weight.

  4. That sounds really high to me, too. I don't set or track a yearly clothing budget, but this has me curious...maybe I'll go look through my records and figure out how much I've spent in the last couple of years.

  5. CatherineK Where did your friend get hemp pants? I have several hemp shirts, also linen and wool and love them but pants are my bugaboo. I just had to retire my wonderful curvy fit Carharrts, after over 4 years of service as my main 3 pairs of pants for all outside work.

  6. Guy's I also wondered if the 10% was for the entire family, & whether this amount for yourself (within this) then increases & decreases throughout the different seasons of our lives. I was thinking of emailing & asking this question. Has anyone asked Leslie yet? We have 2 young boys & I plan purchases for them (like a winter parka) to last the 2 of them, so that is a cost per wear item purchase! For me, it sounds practical that percent 10% is for a family. Do I have /do that? I don't know! But when I look at what's needed with a growing family, it has got me thinking about this. So practical to have this concept, regardless of what percentage we use.

  7. I believe the amount is for the entire family. That would make more sense if you're talking about outfitting more than 2 or 3 people. I can't imagine spending that much money for clothes when there's just two of us. We're already living on a strict budget. I might see spending 1% if I would find some very good sales, but otherwise, 10% goes for food and to pay bills.

  8. 10% seems very high to me, too. I went to a family finance workshop several years ago, and we were told that at that time the average family spent 5.9% of the household income on clothing. Remember, this also includes dry cleaning expense. My family wears mostly washable clothing, but there are certain items that must be dry cleaned, and I experience sticker shock every time, LOL! It adds up quickly.

  9. My husband wears suits 6 days a week (5 for work and church or other event on the weekend) those dry-cleaning bills can really add up. Lucky for us I am the sloppy one and I wear mostly machine washable or at least hand wash.

  10. I estimate less than 3% for just my clothes.

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