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  1. Want to say thanks for all the help I have gotten here. I see my membership is about to expire and I don't think I will renew for awhile. I have more ideas of what to wear than I have time to wear the outfits. I have learned I am never going to slim down my wardrobe but that I need not keep anything I don't love cause I have so much I do love. I like the spring and fall trend posts the most. I have learned that I am cheap, I think a dollar a wearing is a good price. But having something that is almost right altered for me is worth it. What I would like to see more of is clothes for housework or gardening and more frequent workout clothes posts. I work from home. I need to look decent to go do errands but I don't need a full on office wardrobe. but anyway thanks to all who have replied to my previous posts

  1. Please stay on the forum! Check in every week or every month or so. "I need not keep anything I don't love cause I have so much I do love." Oh, how profound! Thank you for this beautiful thought! It is going to be my mantra now for a while. As for housework, I like Walmart "scrubs" pants with lots of pockets. Not particularly shapely, but much better than sweats and not so (wolf whistle) as workout pants! They are cheap, come in lots of colors and you don't have to shave to go to the hardware store or supermarket. I think my bright green ones with the paint splatters look kinda cool.

  2. I am sure I would love your green with hand painted embellishment pants! thanks. I will keep reading :)

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