I've avoided many a fashion faux pas! But now, jackets.

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  1. MSP has seriously made a difference in the way I dress. I'm in my mid-40s and finally gave up the dumpy outdoorsy look a year ago when I joined MSP - a look that wasn't working for me. On a rare occasion, I've found a jacket etc that fits me and my Type C curves. But I love the idea of a chambray shirt as a nearly year round layer, and a denim jacket but find it impossible to find one that works with my shape and doesn't make me look like a box on stilts. It needs to have some contouring or detailing, but where does one find things like that? And if the chambray shirt has stretch (like many contured ones would) then it's REALLY hot in the Summer and I end up shucking it after about an hour and ruining the look of my whole outfit. Thoughts?

  1. Fellow C here! Have you thought of looking for a denim *blazer*? The lapels would help balance your curves. I own a regular jean jacket, and it is boxy, but (a) it's white, which helps somewhat (especially if I wear something dark on the bottom), (b) I wear it with fitted bottoms (bootcut, straight, skinny...even a flared skirt works because the jacket hits at my waist, so the "hourglass" still shows), and (c) I always add a light scarf to bring attention up to my face. As for chambray, I bought one but am still working on how to wear it without other layers over top. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the idea! That'll work great in most seasons but being perimenopausal plus Summer, I'm afraid anything heavy like denim will get shucked off. I like the idea of a shorter denim jacket or vest though, like you said!

  3. What about a casual blazer in another fabric, such as cotton or linen? I have a blazer that I usually think of as light-wash denim, but it's actually blue linen. A vest would be a great layer and cooler, too.

  4. That's a great idea, too! Thanks!

  5. MSP--please tell Lark, the lady with 2 different shoe sizes, that Nordstrom's lets you buy shoes that way.

  6. Dear Mstevens, Really? I did not know that! I'll email her that information and place it in this week's Style Blog. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Love, Leslie MSP

  7. You need a good tailor for the chambray shirt! I am a B, so very hourglass shaped, and had to buy a bigger shirt and have it taken in on the sides to my exact measurements and it's perfect. Definitely worth the additional step, it's difficult to find off the rack things to fit unique sizes/shapes so why limit yourself?

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