Completely Discouraged

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  1. I don't think I'll ever be able to wear anything suggested in the weekly selections. All the examples are geared for people much younger than myself and a lot thinner. Wearing a sheer shoulder top means I would have to invest in a strapless bra. I haven't worn one in over 20 years. To put it bluntly, I look like I'm about 8 months pregnant. If I wore all white, I'd be in danger of being harpooned. I carry my weight in the front and it shows. The Goodyear Blimp looks better than I do. If I choose a top that doesn't stretch over the middle, it hangs off my shoulders which means I buy oversized tops. I have to shop in the women's section for tops, but can get pants in the regular section. I don't wear skirts because pants are much more practical in my jobs. I'm on an extremely strict budget right now, and we don't have a lot of thrift stores in the area. The only hope is to lose between 20 and 30 pounds as quickly as safely possible, and in the meantime, pray that the clothes I have right now do not fall apart. I like nice clothes cut in a very conservative style. I don't like uneven hemlines or sheer fabrics. This fat 65 year old is not going with anything trendy. I'm probably the only person on the site who has this problem since I haven't seen anyone else posting with this problem. Renee

  1. Renee, You seem to be hard on yourself. Have you had your colors done by this site? It is worth it to know the colors that look best on you. If you only buy one top in a flattering color you will look and feel great. Also, do you wear your hair in the best style for you? If you take baby steps now it will help your outlook while you get to the weight you desire. Looking good is not a matter of age and being "fat" or thin but more a matter of how you feel about yourself. Please don't give up. Very conservative style does not have to mean frumpy. You do not have to look trendy to be attractive. Please let us know how things are working out for you.

  2. Renee, I hear you loud an clear. My lifestyle is so different that I also cannot ever see me wearing any of the suggestions. They just don't fit with what I do. I ended up not renewing my membership because I knew I was never going to use the suggestions. OTOH I did find that knowing what colors look good on me and some suggestions about lines and styles is helpful even if I can't really implement 90% of them. I do wish there was a more fine tuned version of MSP. Something along the lines of tell about your lifestyle, what you do, what you have to have available at all times and get things tuned to that. For example, I basically don't need a dress. I have one black skirt outfit that I wear to funerals. I look horrible in black and am considering trying to change it to another dark somber color that won't make me look like I'm trying out for the corpse position but for now that's it. I have 2 skirts I've taken when traveling to countries where women can't wear pants but that was decades ago and I only keep them now for sentimental reasons. What I need are ways to carry my tools, keep the sun off, handle lamb slime and dirt and doing a lot of physical labor. I do wish I could find some of the really cute wellies here that my farming friends in the UK have access to. That would be my equivalent of cute shoes. I'm seriously thinking of having those same friends send me some. I'd love an MSP gardening, farming week with how to look good doing outside work. I'm also looking at taking some classes on-line in sewing clothing as I can't find anyone to do alterations and I need some things altered to fit me better, something I learned from the MSP information you have access to as a member. I tell you there is a business in making high end bespoke style couture working clothes, none of the catalogs (Duluth, LL Bean, Lands End, TravelSmith) come close to really making good working clothing for women and Carharrt has discontinued many of the styles of women's clothing that did work well. So while I found that the MSP suggestions were not particularly helpful I did find that some of the basic concepts were. The additional items, like closet organization, wardrobe basics and some of the other background material and information was worth paying for a membership for a while for me. I also learned a bit more about how to apply makeup and cut my hair so that even though my clothing is not very "stylish" I look good. Hang in there, you can always do a few things to make yourself feel and look good.

  3. oh wow, can I relate to the two discouraged posters. that is me as well. I am 63 years old, retired, and about 50 pounds overweight; plus I'm short. I cannot wear a lot of what is suggested for my "c" body type. while the basics of MSP is helpful I probably will not renew my membership. I thought I must be the only one out there who felt this way!

  4. Renee and ktatro -- I'm sorry you're so discouraged. Are you subscribed to the "plus" size body types? BaaBaa -- sounds like the service just wasn't a good fit (pun intended) but I'm glad you picked up a few tips!

  5. Hey, look what I found. The site is primarily aimed at younger women, but there are a lot of suggestions in the comments and I bet some of them will work:

  6. I'm a summer with some spring overtones. Technically, I'm not supposed to wear black, and no white until I turn gray. I do know what colors look good on me, and have some in my closet. But they've been around for a few years, and most of my pants are faded and showing wear. I can't even find a pair of pull-on pants that look good. Conservative to me is classic clothing, dressy blouses in soft materials, a-line skirts (pianists have no business wearing pencil skirts), and pants that don't look like they've been sprayed on. The bottom line is designers don't make clothes for real people. Most plus-size clothing is frumpy, and have absolutely no style. I'm ashamed that I even have to shop in the plus sizes, and it's a humiliating experience. Wonderer, I checked the site you recommended, but couldn't find anything helpful. Renee

  7. Sorry to read that you are discouraged, Renee. Could you find a good local tailoress/dressmker, who could make some good quality basics in fabrics and styles that you like? I don't mean that you should go to a lot of expense all in one go. But gradually, one item at a time, to have some clothes made that fit and flatter you? Also what about Orvis clothing company? Best wishes Diane

  8. Renee, hang in there! I am 64, a little overweight also, but decent clothes are out there. I too am a pianist, so look for skirts in linen or soft fabrics. Most pants for me are from Talbots (sales), Charter Club Brand also comes in womens at Macys, or Chicos. I agree, no tight pants ever. Trouser style or ankle pants but always with a zipper and waistband. I still wear missy size 16 pants but XL or 1X for tops. First look for colors, then styles you like, then find your size. Oh yes, Christopher Banks is also a good store for me. Stay away from Alfred Dunner, much too frumpy! And yes, MSP frequently selects clothes I wouldn't ever wear but the articles are good and I get ideas. My friend likes JCPenney.

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