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  1. Shopping for a bathing suit is definitely one of the worst experiences, self esteem downer on earth. Since it is this weeks topic I thought we should have a thread to support each other. Do you have advice for people going shopping? Share your experiences and your successes. I won't need to buy a bathing suit this summer. I have learned if you buy a good one you really don't have to do it that often. When I looked at the shopping guide I saw my bathing suit! I like wearing a tanktini . Mine has rushing on the top and full support cups. I have 2 black bottoms with higher waists and 2 tops one black and one blue patterned. I also have a one piece sport suit which is almost like wearing a sports bra on my entire body. I enjoy water sports its good to know everything is staying put. My big piece of advice is to buy a suit that will fit with the activity you are doing. I love my tanktinis when I am hanging out or just playing in the water but they don't work for every activity.

  1. Buying a swim suit is an ordeal. I was lucky to find one online through JC Penney. It's a swim dress and fits well and is in the shades that look go on me. I like tankinis, but could not find one I liked. My current swimsuit will last through several seasons or until I drop some weight. In that case, I have a smaller suit that I haven't worn much. The major problem with finding a suit is the selection. I don't live in a big city, so the selections are limited, and they seem to favor the very young and slender. Renee

  2. Catherine, good advice. The sport suit sounds good. Swimsuit shopping is just not as much fun as it used to be. Sigh. I like suits with color to them. Black just looks horrid on me, and I like the cheerful look on everyone at the beach! Of course, some people feel ridiculous in wild jungle patterns, but I think they are cute. My current suits are a blue and green geometric print racer-style one-piece, and a va-voom shirred magenta maillot. In the past I have had bikinis, tankinis and board shorts. You could even try men's swim bottoms(good coverage if you can find a pair to fit your toosh) paired with a rash guard(surfing top). My shopping advice: don't rush yourself, shop alone or with only a trusted friend, and don't think any suit will hide all your "flaws". The ones that fit and are comfortable are the ones you will end up wearing, cute or not. Then go swim, have fun, smile and be nice. No one worth knowing will care about your spider veins or potbelly.

  3. I hear you all. I did just this last weekend. We're getting ready to go overseas for the first time and it will be summer. The swimsuit I bought last year is a dress style and it's very heavy and takes ages to dry so it wasn't appropriate for travel. I also have a tankini but the top fits and the bottoms are too big. So off I went, in the middle of winter, to see if I could buy another suit or get some smaller bottoms for my tankini. At this time of year I had very few choices as far as stores went but I headed for the lingerie store where I've had past success. Like catwomanbert I avoid too much black and I'm also built so any solid colour shows up my figure, just not in a good way. Another thing I avoid is high cut legs and shoulder straps that won't stay up. I'm what I call super-fussy. Anyway, I found some boyleg bottoms worth trying on and three one piece suits in various styles I though might work. The day was icy cold so getting changed wasn't exactly fun but in the end I found a one piece swimsuit I'm happy with and will be keen to wear on our holiday. It is a double layer suit with supportive skin colour mesh attached to the light bright blue bottom. The top layer is the same blue with a black and white paisley print all over and it is quite high front and back with adjustable split straps. The sides can be shortened or lentghened to taste by drawstrings at both hips. Being midwinter also gave me a $20 discount so I was very happy with my swimsuit shopping expedition in the end.

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