MSP would be so disappointed in me :(((

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  1. We had to go to Little Rock yesterday (our nearest city) I wanted to go to Old Navy. I WANTED boyfriend jeans! Well, I found a pair that fit...almost. Everything from mid hip down looked GOOD (in my opinion). The only problem was that I wear classic jeans (rise to the waist) and these were cut quite high in the back and VERY low in the underwear showed...BIGTIME! Of course that would be covered up by my top...I'm very conservative. But I can't stand low rise jeans!!! Well...I GOT THEM ANYWAY)!!!! DH didn't say a word. I guess I'll return them next time we go back, even though I still WANT them. It didn't help me that they were 2 sizes smaller than I expected to get...even though numbers don't mean anything, right?

  1. Do you want them because of the number on the size label? We all make mistakes so don't beat yourself up. If you want them because they fit great and are comfortable you could keep them but I suspect if they are that low in the front you really aren't comfortable in them. I think MSP would be proud of you because you recognize the error. Congratulate yourself for recognizing the problem before you have wore them a few times and can't return them!

  2. All of the above...except fit. I'm really not beating myself up...more like making fun of myself! Just marveling at the power of human nature when I knew at Old Navy BEFORE I bought them that I would be miserable trying to wear them. I hate low uncomfortable. But the hips and legs were great...and the size was a pleasant surprise. Almost funny that I have no more self control than that!!!!! I wanted to try them on again at home so I could really look at them and see if there was a way...and I did check their return policy beforehand (90 days) because I knew we'd be back in that area again in about a month. Thanks Catherine for your insight.

  3. Thanks for sharing your foible, Deanna, it is understandable. Now please find a falling star and wish for me that I don't regret ordering that expensive pair of aqua suede heels.

  4. catwoman, I looked at the Donna shoes...very nice! I love the aqua color.

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