Breaking out of my rut

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  1. I love the suggestion that I choose one item of clothing that I haven't worn for awhile and create a new outfit. I did it today with a turquoise top I never wear. I paired it with a brown suit (a combination I learned from an MSP article to look at nature and see colors that go together) and a necklace that tied it together. I have used this technique of choosing one piece and creating a whole new outfit and it works for me because I am definitely stuck in a rut! Thanks MSP.

  1. That's awesome way to go. I think you will be inspiring others! I love brown and turquoise together. I don't wear much brown but for the folks it looks good on it is such a versatile neutral.

  2. Cool! Vera Bradley had a great print a few years ago in brown and turquoise that was lovely and unforgettable. I am going to try using one neglected piece from my wardrobe, too.

  3. Great ideas. I worked hard this week to think of other ways to wear a pretty but formal white short sleeve jacket that I have from a suit. The suit was worn by a relative at my wedding so it is special but I've never gotten a lot of wear out of it. I decided I could wear it to tone down the top of a patterned dress, with a black pencil skirt for a very posh black and white contrast, or with a knit green skirt for a simple but ladylike look.

  4. jhisrich I've worn a lovely white (cream) wool formal suit jacket with dark brown jeans and nice peach or light green top. Mine was long sleeve, (I don't do short sleeves) but perhaps think totally outside the box for options.

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