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  1. Can you all help? Where do you go for comfortable, yet stylish shoes? I don't mind spending a little more for a good quality shoe and I don't want to come home everyday with achy feet. I don't do pointy toe or anything over 2" in a heel. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

  1. I have found a few brands of shoes that suit me: Clark's, Crocs(I know, they are rubbery, but some are a bit dressed up; Sanrah, Adrina, a new colorful Huarache), Old Navy ballet flats(great prints!). I shop at Macy's, Rack Room, Shoe Carnival(best selection of athletics for me), and other stores. The main thing is to know what sort of shoes you want, plan to go to several stores, take your time, walk in a few pairs on a hard floor for a few minutes, and don't be dazzled by cute shoes that are poorly made. Once you know the brands that work for you and what size, it becomes easier. Then you can order online, too. I have been drooling over Hotter shoes, but haven't ordered.

  2. Check out They carry lots of brands that are comfortable and attractive. I like their Stretchies slip-ons and they come in lots of colors. They do have good sales and you can order a catalog.

  3. I don't know if you can find these in the USA, but Gabor shoes (a German brand) are comfortable and Nine West, and some Marks and Spencer shoes.

  4. I love the online catalog Hotter. It comes out of England. Adorable and very comfortable shoes. qQuick service and they are always having sales.

  5. Cary, I sprang for the Hotter "Donna"s. Can't wait to try them, hope I ordered the right size so I don't have to wait more weeks! Also hope the color does work with the clothes I have, as now I have spent my budget for the year. If not, I will be wearing white often.

  6. I also have a lot of trouble finding shoes. I wear a size 6, but I have a very narrow heel. Finding a dress shoe is almost impossible. I would no more wear spike heels than I would fly to the moon. And even the wedge heel shoes are very high. I have been buying SAS shoes which are great for casual wear, but they're not dressy. They're also very expensive with the starting price around $80-$90. I like a low heeled pump, but I can walk right out of them because the heel's too big. I've tried putting heel grips, and I've even put lambs wool in the toe. This is another example of "they don't make clothes for real people", and even more so if you're not 20 years old. Renee

  7. Renee, size 6 with a narrow heel here too! I have no great advice, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

  8. I'm baffled on finding cute, comfortable shoes. As a teacher, I'm on my feet all day. Just read the 10 things that age you post, and I'm guilty in the summer shoe category......most of my shoes seem to be Yellow Box flip flops....I live in Texas where it's flip flop season most on the year. Desperately needing some cute, comfy sandals that don't break the bank. I'm a size 6, too.

  9. This article just dropped in my inbox today. Maybe it will help you out. Comfortable and Stylish Walking Shoes You’ll Want to Bring on Vacation ~Gwen

  10. Guess you have good timing on your question. This article was in my inbox this morning. Comfortable and Stylish Walking Shoes You’ll Want to Bring on Vacation HTH, Gwen

  11. New shoes! Very casual and comfortable...with jeans, capris, etc.


  12. Zappos has free shipping both ways.

  13. Cute shoes, Deanna! Nordstrom has free shipping both ways, too. BTW, shoes are on SALE right now, too!

  14. I'm really glad you all have posted this! I've been trying to up my style, to care for myself better! Just can't get myself to purchase uncomfortable shoes -- I want to be able to take a 30 minute walk at lunch time at work. So, PURGING cute but not comfy shoes. What' to buy? I'm hoping these sandals work out!!

  15. DebraJ, I'm a teacher as well, plus I have a foot issue that requires clunky orthotics. But this website has some awesome advice and you can search by "teacher" and there are specific shoe recommendations for teachers.

  16. Aerosoles make some cute very comfortable shoes. They are having a sale at the moment. Just go to their web site.

  17. I buy SAS shoes. They're very comfortable and last, but be prepared to spend a minimum of $80-$100 a pair. Renee

  18. I have difficult feet. Very wide ball of foot-narrow heel-high arch-horizontally flat, hard to explain. I have orthotics that save my life. If your feet hurt, go to a podiatrist, mine is a miracle worker. J-41s are often very comfortable and TJ Maxx almost always has some for 1/2 price, I have no idea why I can wear some of these, even without my orthotics. I just bought some Naot's that are awesome! for a trip to Italy, we'll be doing a lot of walking and I really don't want to wear running shoes in Rome. At work, as an ER nurse, I wear New Balance D width. With my feet I just can't walk into a shoe store, so many cute shoes and I can't wear 99.9999% of them. I pretty much buy everything at Zappos. It's SO easy to order and return. I keep telling myself I am grateful to have feet.

  19. I'm finally getting a handle on the comfy-yet-stylish thing. My favourite retail chain for shoes is local only, but brands that I've found comfy (size 6, narrow feet especially the heel, high arches) include Rockport, Rieker, Naturalizer, Merrell for casual shoes (and Naot looks great but they're out of my budget). Other brands worth trying: Clarks, Cobb Hill, Earth, Ecco. Just bought these Rieker wedges -- I've been eyeing them all summer, they're super comfy, and I can't wait to wear them: Sandals are on sale everywhere now -- sizes are picked over but you might get lucky, as I did!

  20. wonderer, I LOVE those shoes! I'm very tempted to order them, but I think the heels are too high for me. My balance is not good.

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