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  1. A friday, what better day to start a new conversation... well actually the thread had made it to page 2 so we like to start fresh. Its gorgeous here today, Hope you have some sunshine and glorious weather where you are too!

  1. Todays outfit is for the warmer weather, its only going to last a few days before going back to normal! Here is a close up of my floral necklace


  2. Catherine, I really like your new (?) necklace. We're having similar weather, and it looks like it's going to last for a while...wheeehooo! I'm wearing dark-wash skinny jeans with black mary janes and socks (need to work on that...not warm enough for sandals yet), a dark grey shell with a black butterfly graphic on it, a white jean jacket, and an orange scarf. Off for another quick dance trip, four days this time, and I'm taking what I'm wearing plus: a jade T-shirt, a black fleecie, and two complete dance outfits (tops and skirts); one of the skirts will double as part of a non-dance outfit. See you ladies next week!

  3. hello, very rainy week here and a strong wind for the next day ( oh Britanny!) it 's like the spring was out: last week i wore capris and thank and today bright grey jeans, with polka dot t shirt (black and grey) black shoes and SOCKS. All those greys... like the sky... thanks to MSP i add bright blue necklace and a "turquoise "sea men" blazer like this one http://mousqueton.eu/fr/boutique/femme/sauzon I don't have camera to put some pictures and my english is not so good to explain exactly what i wore but i'm in english progress and fashion progress to! I hope , when the sun will be back, to put again some bright colors!

  4. A beautiful day here, so I was glad to wear colors. I chose khaki slacks and a leaf pattern top with shades of pink, rose, white, and tan. I wore tan moccasin loafers, gold tone-on-ton hoop earrings, an amber ring, and my wedding rings. Much different than yesterday when I was in full concert attire. That's a long black skirt, a black blouse with a draped neckline, and three-quarter length sleeves. Comfortable black shoes and black hose. We can wear jewelry so chose a gray pearl necklace, earrings, and bracelet set, along with a black pearl ring. Hope your Monday is going well. Renee

  5. You both sound lovely! My packing worked out pretty well...I didn't end up using the fleecie or the tights I packed because the weather was so gorgeous, but I was glad I had them just in case. Also bought a wide-brimmed straw hat with thin tan/beige and mint stripes. :-) I was looking at fedoras, too, but they were all too big. Today's outfit for Monday: dark grey slacks, light blue/yellow/white striped boatneck knit top, long metallic leaf necklace.

  6. And for today: medium grey slacks, red blouson top, navy blazer, and stacked necklaces: a triple strand of faux pearls and a turquoise/silver pendant.

  7. ...and today: navy slacks, navy lace shell, white cardi, long faux gold statement necklace.

  8. Out to eat a couple of nights ago...very pale gold V neck tee with graphics under a tan shrug with dark khaki jeans, brown sandals and medium hoop earrings. Tonight...maybe something with my red sweater because it's dark and rainy here.


  9. TGIF! Red is my favourite for cheering up a rainy day. :-) Today's outfit started with a blue-and-white striped fit-and-flare dress. Trying something new: added my chambray shirt on top and tied the tails at the waist. Finished with a skinny red belt (doesn't really show at the moment, but I expect I'll take off the chambray at some point), a faux gold statement necklace, and metallic wedge sandals (finally!).

  10. ...and for Monday: navy slacks, pastel yellow sweater with elbow-length sleeves over a white s/s button-down, and a faux diamond statement necklace. For commuting I added my white jean jacket and an orange scarf.

  11. Today's outfit: brown linen bootcut slacks with metallic wedge sandals, blue/yellow/white striped top, and a long asymmetrical necklace. I'm off for a week's visit to my hometown tomorrow...with highs forecast between 55 and 65 F (in the teens Celsius) and lows between 40 and 50 (single digits). That's exactly the temperature range where I struggle to put together casual-but-stylish outfits...I have t-shirts and winter sweaters, but not much in between. Plus there's a wedding to go to -- I'm wearing a fit-and-flare dress with a graphic B&W floral print, and silver sparkly sandals with a small stiletto heel. Was planning to add a silver cropped cardi, but with those temps maybe I'll pack my sky-blue pashmina instead. Haven't decided on jewellery yet. Wish me luck with packing tonight!

  12. Wonderer you are doing great. It is a challenge to put together outfits in the transition season. I have a couple of 3/4 length sleeve cardigans that seem to be in frequent use. I find it hard to wear a blazer and then put a spring jacket overtop, even my trench coat it just feels bulky. Funny that it isn't a problem for me in my winter coats. I have been on the road the last few days. Monday I wore a floral A-Line skirt with a stormy blue T shirt (tucked in) and a denim jacket on top with brown strappy high heeled sandals. Yesterday I wore beige crop pants with a black and beige peplum style floral blouse (elbow length sleeve) with two tone ballet flats. Compliments both days. Today is a home office day and it is dreary outside, it could rain at any moment. I am wearing red jeans boot cut with a black and white striped long sleeve T shirt. Long stacked necklace in silver and black. I don't look quite complete, I need to add a layer, I just can't think of what to put on. I could replace the necklace with a red scarf. Hmmm. Home days are good for trying out casual looks and making mistakes. The only people that will see me are on the computer if I have an online meeting!

  13. and today it is raining! We have had a dry spring so I am not going to complain (much). Today I in my home office part of the day and doing some education for part of the day which could be dirty so I am wearing skinny jeans that fit perfect (skinny but not tight), A small print floral blouse with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow. This one has the band and button on the sleeve. It is a fun shirt with some different plaid and gingham prints when on the inside cuffs and collar. This outfit would look great with some heels but that isn't practical for the day so I will have on a pair of brown oxford style flats. have a good day.

  14. Back from holiday! Catherine, all of your outfits sound great. I ended up buying sheer nylons to wear to the wedding for a little extra warmth. Today I'm not terribly seasonal: dark red cardi with a white s/s button-down, grey dressy denims, and a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  15. Today's outfit: brown linen bootcut slacks with metallic wedge sandals, a new drape-neck shell (on sale from Sears!) with a small graphic pattern in purple/white/black/taupe, a white cardi with elbow length sleeves over top, and a faux gold statement necklace. The shell is exactly the kind of office-friendly "statement top" I've been looking for...unfortunately there are no Sears locations near me anymore. I bought this while on vacation. Grrr. One of my co-workers suggested H&M for office clothing, and I need to check out Le Chateau as well (Canadian chain).

  16. Wonderer, love the sound of the shell, great colours. The good thing about getting it on vacation at a store you don't have near you is that no one else is likely to show up at work in the same outfit! My outfit today caused an interesting reaction from my son (19yr) "Whoa mom, that's a serious work outfit". He was right, I was trying to dress to impress. I had a dark grey cotton tweed pencil skirt, red dressy tank (tucked in to show decorative waistband on skirt), black and white striped blazer with 3/4 length sleeve, Red chunky heeled sandals. I am home now and switched into a navy skort and navy/white tie dyed look T shirt.

  17. LOL, you know you've got it right when even your teenage boy comments! Sounds like a great outfit...well done. Today's outfit for casual Friday: dark-wash skinny jeans with black runners (sneakers for the Americans, trainers for the Brits and Aussies), striped tee in aqua/orange/navy on white, navy blazer, and a long faux gold statement necklace. My favourite shoes (black flat mary janes, which I wear at least 5 days a week) are in need of retiring, and my favourite sandals (metallic wedges) could also do with replacement. Crisis! So far I've found these: http://walkingonacloud.ca/10734-Josef-Seibel-Natascha-03-Red-7630511350.aspx which are really comfy but don't come in black...argh. (I've been lusting after red shoes, but not for basics!) Also found a pair similar to these: http://walkingonacloud.ca/13769-Josef-Seibel-Fiona-05-Black-87205-1600.aspx which actually stay on my feet, unlike most ballet flats, due to the elastic over the instep, but they don't have enough of a built-up sole, and no room for insoles. The search continues. Might have to go for sandals instead and pick up the shoe hunt in the fall.

  18. I love Josef Seibel shoes, they fit my feet perfectly and I wear them until they practically fall off my feet. I loved the red ones and the black ones would be practical but if they don't make your feet happy then continue the search. I have a rule that if my feet don't relax when I put them on I don't buy them. Since I made that rule I buy less but enjoy them more. Happy Shoe Hunting! Today I am wearing the exact same outfit as I wore one day last week, skort and Tshirt. Its a work from home day so no one is going to notice but my family! The temperatures have risen so its time to get out the sandals and put away the boots... for sure this time. I think we really are done with snow! (if that scares you, the only month it has never snowed in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada is July)

  19. LOL. Edmonton (where I grow up) has had snow in every month of the year...though not all in the same year! Toronto (where I live now), maybe less so. Your shoe rule is about the same as mine. I went to a different store yesterday and tried on at least 10 pairs and now have one on order for sizing...it's not ideal because it has a small heel (I was really trying for flats) but it's the best I've found so far. It's this pair: http://walkingonacloud.ca/13347-Earth-Clover-Black-600944W001.aspx I almost bought these: http://walkingonacloud.ca/11395-Clarks-Kessa-Agnes-Black-66514.aspx but I was afraid they might be a little too casual for my "business casual" (emphasis on "business") unofficial office dress code. What do you ladies think?

  20. Oh -- and today's outfit: navy slacks, light blue/white/yellow striped boatneck top, long red beaded necklace, thin silver bracelet.

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