Need advice on color match

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  1. I bought a faded blue jean skirt and now trying to decide what to wear with it. After reading about same saturated in color, any ideas ladies?! Pictures would be great!

  1. How about something in the light pink/peach/blush or cream/off-white/ivory range? Also, white looks good with all shades of denim, and you could try a dark-wash jean jacket or shirt for contrast. If you're not going all pastel/unsaturated, maybe finish off with a bright red accessory (purse, skinny belt, shoes). Have fun and let us know how it goes!

  2. I agree with Wonderer, but also I would like it with a lemon yellow. Depends on your color season, of course, but I am fond of blue and yellow together. No, I am not Swedish.

  3. I was reading some of MSP's articles from 2014, and I came across this about color contrast between articles of clothing: "Typically, if you are soft or muted in your coloring, you want to wear low contrast. If you have strong contrast with your eye, hair and skin color, your best color choices are higher contrast colors." This was in the personal profile dated 12/18/14 Good Fit vs. Bad Fit. It was item #3.

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