What is Plus size?

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  1. This morning on the CBC radio they had a segment about losing the term "plus size". They conversation went many directions but they spoke about designers considering anything over a 8-10 to be plus sized and they don't necessarily design clothes for woman that "big"! It was also mentioned an average north american woman is in the 10-12 range. Apparently plus size models are size 12. So it all got me thinking, I am a size 12, I don't shop at plus size stores or sections, those clothes are too big for me. So what is plus size? I bring it here because I thought it could be an interesting discussion.

  1. I general wear a 6 or 6-8 on occasion a 4. But I DO NOT think I'm "skinny". Historically in the 1940, then I would have wore a 14-16. This article explains the size transformation well. http://www.chronicallyvintage.com/2013/01/vintage-clothing-sizing-101.html So in summary, pay less attention to the size tag and go with what fits. ~Gwen

  2. I'm not plus size myself -- I'm an 8-10 on the bottom, smaller on top because I have a small rib cage and narrow shoulders -- but I've watched my mother shop in the plus-size section and come away frustrated more often than not. Most stores only go up to size 14, and stores that cater to larger sizes are often full of ugly clothes. Considering how many women are larger than a 14 and would happily pay money for stylish outfits if only someone were making them, I think it's very shortsighted of designers and retailers to ignore that significant chunk of the market. I applaud the increasing visibility of size 12 models (sure beats size 2 or whatever the standard is for runways), but it'd be awfully nice to see more models of all sizes. Even online stores that feature plus sizes often show models who are way smaller than the clothes they're wearing -- how are shoppers supposed to tell how the clothes are going to look on bodies like theirs? Can you tell this is an issue that bugs me a lot? ;-)

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