My Farming Capsule

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  1. I've been trying to figure out my own style and realized that I have a capsule wardrobe but it's so very different from everyone else I wanted to share it. Mine consists of 2 pair dark brown Carharrt Jeans 1 pair light tan Carharrt Jeans 1 pr Rubberized overtrousers 1 pr rubber irrigating boots with liners 1 pr slip on all weather mocs for outside 1 pr slip on all weather mocs for inside 4 long sleeve canvas shirts from Cabela's that I wear as overjackets dark blue forest green wine color (not one of my colors but I like it) orangy/red sandstone color Assortment of t-shirts (hubby and I wear the same size so we share them) For lambing I am using the older ones that are nearly dead, various graphics on them. That way if they get too messy I don't care. Carharrt Extremes jacket Walls Barn Jacket When I transition to giving farm tours after lambing is done or if I have to go in to town the t-shirts go away and I replace them with solid colored polo or henley shirts in my colors. I also use a belt pouch in a dark brown to carry my phone and notebook and have a leatherman multi-tool on my belt all the time. Hat, gloves and sunglasses complete the outfit.

  1. Way to go! Its different but it meets your needs and that is what is really important. I grew up on a farm and my mom did much of the work. Now that I think of it she had a capsule wardrobe too but I had never thought of it that way. She was always dressed in the same way and didn't have to make a mad dash to the house to look presentable if someone dropped in. She did change to go to town. Keep up the good work. Always love thinking about those cute lambs you will have.

  2. I too have my farming clothes for gardening and chicken chores. Then I have my dailies (jeans and fitted sweatshirts) and workout clothes and going out clothes and fancy clothes. I've done tons of reading on this and you can't really just have 33 items if you have a life. Most of those ladies say they do not count their workout cloths and fancy items in their list of 33. I and BaaBaa just have to add another capsule for farm clothes. ~Gwen

  3. BaaBaa, sounds like you've got your wardrobe all figured out...well done!

  4. BaaBaa, Have you shopped at Duluth Trading Co.? I bet you'll find some great things for your wardrobe there.

  5. I do get stuff from Duluth. Sadly my comfy farming pants are wearing out, I have holes in them and they are about used up. I have had them for several years so a great CPW. Unfortunately Carharrt discontinued their curvy fit pants and Duluth doesn't make any. I have bought some of the Duluth pants which will work so while I have a solution it's not ideal, the waistband of the pants wrinkles and is uncomfortable. I have yet to find a tailor in my area, nearest one is over 60 miles away. I think it is beyond my current skills to take the waistband off and re-do it on jeans. So I'm taking a Craftsy class on jeans making to see if I can learn. I wish there were more tailors in the world!

  6. I think the hat you choose could make your outfits.

  7. I can't remember the thread you asked me where the hemp pants had come from. I asked today when she was wearing them again. Local farmers market so that isn't helpful to you. I go to that market so if i see them I will ask about where the fabric comes from. Perhaps you could take up sewing that way your clothes would stand up and fit great too.

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