How do you save on clothes?

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  1. Since it is the topic of this weeks article I was wondering how you shop and save money? I am not good doing the second hand store, although I am good at donating to them. I have an ongoing list of what I need and try not to buy outside of that list. Although as you may have seen early this week I went for a red cardigan and got a colour block (lots of red) instead. In my city is a Nygard outlet store which I enjoy. I also shop off season, I know when the big discounts come into the stores. So come February I buy winter clothes, so I get a few months. Summer is mid July, regrettably where I live I probably only get a couple of months on those before the season change. I generally get at least a couple of seasons out of my clothes.

  1. I LOVE thrifting. I began learning how from MSP several years ago when we traveled a LOT for DH job. While he was working I spent my days scouting out all the thrift shops in the area. It was so much fun...always different merchandise in different towns. Our little town only has 2 thrift shops, and I usually only shop one of them...not much turnover there. However, when I donate, she trades out with me...a cheap shopping trip. I really don't like to go to the big department stores anymore.

  2. I used to really love Coldwater Creek. DH would sit in one of their big comfy chairs in the center of the store with his iPad or iPhone and I would shop the whole store. I could try on and find my size, then frequently ordered online when things went on sale. I also liked that they were small stores.

  3. If you know a brand and size you are looking for you could try ebay. ~Gwen

  4. I'm not good at thrifting either. My usual method is to watch the sales cycles. For example, right now the stores are getting rid of their early-spring collections, but (a) the weather is still cool enough to wear this stuff, and (b) some of it is classic enough to wear in the fall or next spring anyway. (Or, even if it's trendy, the trend may come back next year with only small differences. For example, lace and graphic B&W florals have been "in" for several years now.) Same thing happens in winter -- sales are moving earlier and earlier, and you can get good deals on winter stuff even in December. The trick is not to wait too long -- I find that by February everything is very picked over and it's hard to find sizes, even if the deals are better in theory.

  5. I've only done thrift stores a few times. I don't really have the patience to go through stacks of clothes. I save by always buying on sale. It would have to be something absolutely fantastic for me to pay full price for anything. I did buy one suit from Talbot's at full price, but it was a Christmas gift. Occasionally I shop online, but it has to be a very, very good price.

  6. A question about Coldwater Creek, people talk about it like it is gone but I am still getting emails from them. Did they close stores? I have never had a Coldwater creek in my province, I shopped ther on the rare occasion that I went to the states and convinced hubbie that I needed to do some shopping.

  7. Coldwater Creek closed all their stores and went out of business. My understanding is that they sold out to someone else, and that group opened under the same name...but they don't have or telephone orders only. I'm getting emails and catalogs again but, in my opinion, their clothes are now not very fashionable and their website is not as good. They do still advertise my favorite jeans, but I wouldn't know what size to order because the old CWC changed their sizing a couple of years ago. If they didn't fit, I'd have to pay shipping both ways I think. The old CWC allowed returns at any time for any time limit. I'm pretty sure the new group doesn't do that.

  8. When I was young I did not have the opportunity to shop often, so it was, either buy it today, or don't buy it. One thing I have learned is that I make better buying decisions when I can shop on my own terms. Now I still don't have unlimited funds, but I am in control. I shop when and where I want, stay as long as I want, and go back later in the week or month or season if I please. This keeps my head straight. This didn't answer the original question, but maybe it will help someone. Currently I shop TJMaxx, Marshalls, JCP, Macy's and Old Navy(I work there, and get to see all the sales). I used to buy Land's End(at Sears), just strangely haven't been to that end of the mall lately! JCP has alot of good basics that fit me.

  9. I save on clothes by not being able to find any that I like. Also, if I find something I do like, I leave it, then go back a few times trying to make up my mind. Then I find that I have gone lost interest in it. Very economical way of shopping, but does not make me well-dressed.

  10. delete "gone". :)

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