Do you have a Style Binder?

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  1. I'm curious. Do any of you have a "style binder". I'd like to hear of what you do with it, how does it look, is it electronic/true binder? Anything you'd like to share about your binder. I don't have one myself, and I'm looking for inspirations :)

  1. I have an actual binder, with subject dividers. The sections include some of MSP's articles, her basics and seasonal clothing lists, my personal measurements and colors, an inventory of my clothing pieces, inspirational outfit ideas, other inspiration pictures (color combinations, accessories I like, etc.), makeup and hair tips, and I keep a list of my thrift store purchases. Whenever I see something I like in a magazine or sales ad, I cut it out and place it in clear sheet protectors. I have several magazine articles showing how to make lots of outfits out of a few pieces. I try to find similar pieces in my closet and recreate some of the outfits. I also have a file on my computer with outfit pictures from the different bloggers I follow, as well as a folder with pictures of my own outfits that I've worn. All these ideas sure help when I'm looking for something new to try.

  2. yes - I love having a binder. Great for inspiration :-)

  3. I believe there is no better way to improve your style than to organize what you love and what inspires your style! Keep in your Style File: your Wardrobe Basics list, plus style articles and any stores or magazine ads where you love the outfit or style and colors that are displayed. I've already collected some new color palette ideas + some cool new boots and handbag ideas I'd love for fall. Not everything always comes together exactly, but it's about what you love and what inspires YOU and your style! A 'Style File' is a fabulous tool to keep everything style related together in one place. It's yours for the creating! Here are a couple of photos I took of my Style File a little while ago...


  4. Thank you for the answers, and for teh pictures. I googled "Style Binder" and found some more inspiration. Shortly I see that in ways it's something similar to a "mood board" that you can carry with you. I'm going to go both binder and digital. Preferrably I'd be doing this digitally only (easier to carry around), but since I like paper magazines, physical binder is going to be necessary.

  5. Here're the 2 best googling results:

  6. I have 2. First one got too big with all the ideas and inspiration I collected. Looking at the first one its obvious to me that my style has evolved. That would never have happened before MSP.

  7. I wonder about doing it digitally... Would evernote or pinterest work the best, assuming you used a smartphone or ipad??? or something else?

  8. I actually use WP7 (have been using smartphones and before that palm pilot for at least 10 years now). I use Office OneNote (also works on PC). I also use a Personal Wiki (it's called WikiPad and is an Open Source software) that I carry on a flash drive (but can only open it on a PC). I use these for different things, but recently I've started to use the wiki to create a fashion wiki for me. I have several things from this site in pdf on my smartphone and on my PCs. My smartphone has adobe. I've used my smartphone to take pictures of some outfit combinations. There are also Apps both free and some that cost a penny that you can use to combine outfits with and even save information when you last wore them. I've tested a few and I'm not fully happy with any of them. The latest one is DressPal .

  9. I use my ipad a lot. I collect photos everywhere. Then put them in a folder in dropbox that way I can see it on my phone (android) pc and ipad. Keeps it all simple. I arrange folders by season then sub folders for things that have inspired me instantly. The other folder is for outfits that need a purchase so they go on my wish list.

  10. Everything is saved to a DropBox folder (and categorized sub-folders) so I can access it via computer, tablet and smartphone. I scan anything I pull from a magazine, catalog or book as I'm trying to be as paperless as possible.

  11. I used to do the scan thing but the hoarder in me still wanted to keep the magazine lol. But now I just take photos of outfits or even articles in magazines ipad is great for this. And yes you can see it all in dropbox on any device as long as you have a pdf reader installed to read pdf's and so on. And it's free. Yeah! I even recorded the olympics opening ceremony just to pause and snap pics of the teams outfits some of the colour matches where amazing.

  12. I'm thinking of switching to using OneNote. I just bought a new phone and all my notes from OneNote were transferred via SkyDrive to my new phone. Since I call my phone "my whole life in pocket", having it there could work.

    Also, you don't need to scan things, you can take pictures with your phone ;). Though it doesn't work as good as I hoped for.

    I recognize the wanting to save everything. I'm driving my guy crazy with all the magazines I have about food, home-projects and so on. I keep curbing them, though. Now I've started the same with fashion, lol.

  13. I have a physical binder that is mostly just inspiration photos (with post its reminding myself what I liked about the outfit!). I do keep the MSP checklist of wardrobe basics in there so I can keep track of that. I tear images out of catalogs that come to my house (mostly)and then throw the rest of the catalog away. Every 6 months or so I go through and throw out any images that I don't like anymore. One thing that really stood out to me when I first did this was how much I like belts! Almost every outfit had a belt in it, so that was encouraging to me to buy and wear belts more often. I wouldn't have made that connection if I hand't made a binder. So do it! It's really helpful.

  14. I do take photos from magazines sometimes but, if it's something that I consider important, a scan is usually clearer, easier to read, picks up more detail, etc. But, in a pinch, a photo works. I have become very picky about what I save so I probably only scan something once or twice a month so it's not time-consuming. I'm on a quest to be as paperless as possible. And I totally get the "whole life in my pocket" thing. Love having my computer, tablet and phone linked so all info on each is accessible on the other. I'd probably forget my own name without my phone. Oh, in addition to using Dropbox, I love Springpad (similar to Evernote). It's an awesome way to save info for access across all three platforms. In fact, now that I think about it, more of my fashion stuff is in Springpad than Dropbox. Anyway, it's all cool beans. I love my gadgets!

  15. Just starting with all this, but I did pick a binder to keep the articles in from this site, and for example the list of the wardrobe basics etc. I think I will also add pictures of clothes I like, and updating this regularly. (I am getting quite excited about it, I must admit, but I really like it!)

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