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  1. new week and a new thread! Tell us or show us what you are wearing today. I have discovered that these ladies provide awesome feedback when something isn't just quite right! Today I am wearing dress pants the colour of jeans and almost as comfy and a colour block cardigan. Notice I am actually wearing a coloured necklace! When I went shopping recently, I went looking for a red cardigan and couldn't find one instead I fell in love with this one.


  1. Great looking cardigan Catherine. You'll be able to wear it with so many different things. Ok, the mall was a total strikeout. Not one pair of pants that I tried on fit or looked good. The material was way too flimsy. I need a sturdier cloth for pants. I'll have to wait until I lose about 20 pounds before shopping again. Will just make do with what I have and hope the remaining pants hold out. A totally humiliating experience. And people wonder why I don't like to shop. Renee

  2. Love the striped cardi. Today I wore beige flats and skimmers, brown elbow-sleeve tee. Boring, yes, but good on me. Except for the beet stain I have to get out of the skimmers now...I guess the stain goes with my pink nail polish.I bought a deep emerald blouse at JCP (winter collection on sale this spring) which has a tie at the front. They didn't tie it in a bow (just a loose knot), but you could. So if you are looking for a bow blouse, remember it may not be shown that way at the store.

  3. Catherine, wow, so cheery! Love it. Renee, sorry to hear about the mall. I have the same problem with pants...did you happen to see any in linen? I find linen and denim are much more flattering on my bottom half than thinner materials. Today's outfit: navy slacks, chocolate brown turtleneck, long asymmetrical necklace. Not very spring-y, but it's chilly again here and I wasn't bothered to try and pull together something that looked seasonal but wouldn't make me freeze. ;-) Will try tomorrow.

  4. Today was my usual work uniform, black pants and a blue polo shirt with the church logo. Will change to dark rinse jeans and a colored knit shirt (probably red) with blue moccasin loafers to go to Chorale rehearsal. Small gold loop earrings and a turquoise ring. Wonderer, I don't usually look for linen since it wrinkles so easily, but I didn't see anything. Just have to go with what I have, and pray for the weight to drop. Renee

  5. Renee, it was worth a try. :) Today's outfit for a chilly spring day: dark grey dressy denims, blue/white/yellow striped knit top, long grey sweater, skinny red belt, red pendant of a sailing ship.

  6. Today I wore khaki pants with a floral top. White background with coral flowers. I wore tan moccasin loafers and gold dangle earrings and an amber ring. Very comfortable and it looked nice.

  7. Sounds gorgeous and very seasonal! Today it's chilly again, but by the end of April I don't feel much like wearing winter stuff, so I'm trying to mix in spring stuff without freezing. Not entirely sure if the mixing comes off well or not. Today's outfit: dark grey slacks, green-and-white striped tee under a chunky brown sweater, and a faux gold statement necklace.

  8. Wonderer, I know you'll be glad when the cold weather is over. I remember living in Indiana and being so happy when spring finally arrived. Your outfit sounds really neat. Are you an Autumn? Today I'm wearing khaki pants and a navy blue polo shirt with the church logo. I really like this shirt because I can wear it with khaki or white pants. The shirt has white piping on the sleeves. Tan moccasin loafers and I finished off the outfit with navy blue ball earrings and an amber ring on my right hand, and my wedding rings on my left. Renee

  9. Nope, I'm a Summer (I think). :-) So when I wear brown, it's a cool brown like chocolate, and when I wear green, it's a green that has blue undertones -- for example, this shirt is jade/emerald, and I also gravitate towards teal and aqua/turquoise when I can get them (they only seem to be in style every couple of years). I could probably pull off mint, too, but every time I see it, I can't shake the image of toothpaste. ;-)

  10. Wonderer, it sounds like you are doing a good job transitioning into what I hope will soon be spring. As a fellow summer I keep looking at the mint green and wondering if it would work. According to my chart I should be able to but I don't. I love turquoise but you are right it only seems to come in fashion every couple of years. Renee, the floral outfit sounds cute, nice accessorizing! It is nice that you have some variation in your work shirts the navy and white piping sounds good! Today I wore black jeans, black Vneck Tshirt, multi coloured on black blazer (my son says it looks like a flower garden puked on my jacket, nice thought, so glad he is home from university for the summer and can give me fashion advice!) and black pointy booties. Not exciting but dressing for below freezing at the end of April isn't very fun! I want spring to come back for good! Today is my birthday, my inlaws sent me a generous cheque to buy myself something for myself, anybody want to go shopping?

  11. Happy birthday and happy shopping Catherine. I'm a summer too and I wear things in mint, jade, teal and turquoise shades. There has been plenty to choose from here the last few seasons. A few weeks ago I picked up a linen button up shirt at the end of summer sales in a shade between jade and turquoise. It's a heavier fabric that'll be good for our UK trip later in the year because it can be a shirt or a light jacket depending on what I wear under it and if I button it up or not. I guess it helps that the toothpaste we use is white.

  12. I may wear this tonight...if it's not too chilly...supposed to be storming. Tan laced suede cloth top was thrifted. Brown zebra print came from New York & Co...probably with dark brown jeans and brown shoes, earrings of some kind. Happy birthday Catherine...wish you could borrow my bright yellow jacket too!!!! All y'all's outfits sound cute! (Y'all probably don't ever say y'all!!!!)


  13. Happy Birthday Catherine. Wish I could go shopping with you. Deann, nice brown zebra print. Wonder, I think you are a summer also. This time of year is so hard to dress for. Cold one day and warn the next - though we have had a whole week of cold and now rain is on the way. Got behind on photos so here are a few from this week. I had a 2 day homeschool conference, church and dentist apt. I'm loving my new caramel jacket. Can you tell? ~Gwen


  14. Gwen, that jacket looks great all four ways -- what a fantastic find! Catherine, happy birthday and happy shopping. LOL at your son and his fashion advice! Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans over black riding boots, light-wash chambray, navy blazer, and faux diamond statement necklace. I'm going on a trip out west (Alberta) in just under 3 weeks and, as usual, I'm having a "help, I need to go shopping" moment. Just trying to figure out what's top of the list, and trying to guess what the weather will be! ;-)

  15. Today's outfit: dark grey slacks, B&W polka-dot button-down under a cobalt cardigan, faux gold and silver statement necklace. :-)

  16. Gwen, you are definitely getting good value per wear. It looks great with so much, it really is a completer piece. Wonderer, I will wave as you fly over Manitoba on your way to Alberta. Love the sound of your outfit today, the cobalt cardigan should give it a real pop of colour. Today I am wearing navy dress pants, yellow V neck t shirt with some fancy detailing around the neckline and a plaid jacket (purple, green, pink, yellow) with the sleeves rolled up a bit to show the funky pink lining. I haven't wore this since last summer, it feels so good to dress for spring. I changed my footwear several times and settled for brown ballet flats. When I wear this jacket in the summer I would wear it with a skirt or capris and put on pink sandals but its a bit chilly today for full bare feet! Accessories diamond necklace to just a add a touch of sparkle in the V and sparkly hoops in my ears.

  17. Catherine - I remember that jacket and it looks great on you. Wonder love the B&W polka-dot. My dress is the same. I wore the same B&W polka dot dress several different ways lately. I'm wearing it with the white jacket to the Atlanta business conference this weekend. I'll wear panty hose with it thought. You can't really see the necklace well in the picture but it is black and gold statement style. Shoe are new and very comfortable. Hush PuppiesĀ® Angel II Pumps. ~Gwen


  18. Looking great, Gwen! Good luck packing for the conference. My shirt is actually the reverse of your dress -- white background with black polka dots -- which "reads" as grey, so it's not too dark for my colouring. Catherine, I will remember to wave...no sandal weather yet here, but we're getting close! I almost put on navy and yellow today as well, but I ended up with navy slacks, oyster/light taupe wrap top over an eggplant cami, and a multicoloured, multi-stranded necklace. And NO sweater!! (Can you tell I'm excited? LOL.)

  19. Today's outfit: black-and-white floral print dress (fit-and-flare style) with black tights, black flats, cobalt blue cardi (again), and black belt. I had some trouble pulling together this outfit...would you make any changes? (It's not quite warm enough for bare legs yet.)

  20. Mother nature decided to deliver us some gorgeous weather, 21C (70F). So I am wearing capris, they are royal blue black and royal blue tiny dots so at a distance they read blue, royal blue v neck Tshirt and white cardigan that has an asymmetric hem line. Blue and white striped sneakers. Yes, its at my home office spending quality time with my computer day. Wonderer I think your outfit sounds great. Maybe you were struggling because you haven't had enough red on this week! Gwen, always looking great, I love seeing all your pictures and how you put outfits together.

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