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  1. Hi - I have three white shirt blouses. I love them all however, I have great difficulty deciding how to wear them. To belt or not to belt, to tuck in or not to tuck in. The look of a fresh white blouse is always appealing but I don't know how to wear it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  1. same problem, I have 2 and don't wear them very often. I like the look of a white shirt with jeans on other people but I can't seem to pull it off. I look forward to seeing other suggestions.

  2. Same problem here! I haven't yet figured out how wear them in a "casual" setting, but here's what I do at work (business casual): I usually wear them untucked over fitted slacks. (This works best if the shirt isn't too long.) I often button them all the way up with a statement necklace on top -- easier than leaving them partly unbuttoned and fiddling with them to make sure both sides of the collar stay even. Over the winter there was a trend to wear a buttoned-up cardigan over a shirt left untucked so the tails show underneath...that's what I'm wearing today, in fact! I've also worn white blouses with skirts -- since the skirts hit at my natural waist, I usually tuck the shirt in, or sometimes leave it untucked and wear a belt over top.

  3. Found this article on white shirt. I do looks 1, 2, and 5 but I always put a tank under the ton as in look 2. I have a think waist so I never belt or tuck. http://en.paperblog.com/one-item-five-fashionable-ways-five-white-button-down-shirt-outfits-597375/ HTH! ~Gwen

  4. Thanks Gwen, I enjoyed the link, I am going to try Look 3 on Saturday when my family takes me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. My boyfriend jeans will be well fitted 'mom" jeans! Hopefully I look so good the kids (university student age) won't make me wear the family birthday crown!

  5. I like the link's outfits, especially white shirt with bright bottoms and coordinating statement necklace(#5). So easy to pull together. And i am crazy over lime and purple!

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