Red Lipstick dos and don'ts?

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  1. I seem to remember MSP gave advice for SYSters on whether or not to go with the new red lipsticks but I can't find it. Does anyone remember that too? Also it wbn to have a search on the website to target a particular forum or blog topic Barb

  1. I can't find that article either. I think MSP said red lipstick may be ageing, but in some cases may not be. :) There are various articles on the internet about red lipstick, with illustrations. You could buy an inexpensive red lipstick and see what you think, or go to a beauty counter in a department store and let them experiment on you. Good luck. Natasha

  2. I purchased inexpensive Rimmel brand "Red Alert" lipstick, which goes well with their nail polish "Red Steady Go". Very basic neutral red. I apply carefully, but I still feel kind of self-conscious in it! Usually pair it with red or with white and beige. After a while I eat it off, then I have pink lips lined in red. So I wear it where I have access to a touch up mirror. I personally do better with a transparent red gloss, as it is more forgiving. Judging by your picture, Barb, I say go for the red!

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