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  1. New page, new thread! Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, boatneck top with horizontal stripes in light blue/white/yellow, long grey sweater, skinny red belt and a pendant necklace featuring a tall ship (time for stripes and nautical!).

  1. That sounds great, someday we will convince you to post a picture. Today I thought I looked cute but then I went to work and got some free unsolicited advice from a woman who is an AMAZING dresser. I took my picture after I got home. So you can see what she was speaking about... wrong neckline so I should have a different necklace on or a solid scarf (her choice was a pink) that would draw the line down and heels, apparently "short" girls look best with heels. Then quietly into my ear, spanx, they are a girls best friend. So looking at the picture yes to her neckline comment, but I like flats. As for the spanx, lets not go there for everyday workwear! At this moment I am glad I have a sense of humour. By the way she looked stunning in a peach blazer and bow blouse, jeans and heels.

  2. oops forgot the picture


  3. Wonderer, your outfit sounds nice and spring-like. Catherine, I think you looked smart. Can't think why that woman said a pink scarf, as the main impression of the top is blue and green. You wouldn't need spanx as the top isn't very short. Neckline looks fine too. Her outfit sounds a bit "over-the-top" anyway!

  4. Catherine, I like your outfit! Unsolicited advice, huh? Yikes!! I do think she's right about the necklace -- it's almost the same length as your neckline, so it "competes" visually. A solid scarf would look great with that gorgeous patterned top...pink would "pop" (there is some pink in there) or you could pick one of the other colours. Or if not a scarf, then maybe some dangly earrings? As for the Spanx and heels...good grief, a woman's gotta be comfortable! (Personally, I wear wedges sometimes, but that's about it, except for very special occasions.) Her outfit sounds like it meets all the criteria for "dressy casual" that MSP posted about this week. I'm wearing something similar: dark-wash skinny jeans, riding boots, navy blazer, bright red turtleneck, and a long asymmetrical necklace.

  5. It was the reference to the colleague's "bow blouse" and peach blazer. Bow blouses reference ex Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher - unless you meant a different type of bow blouse.

  6. Catherine, you looked cute! Was she maybe really trying to be helpful...or just jealous because you're doing a good job with your bright colors...and bright attitude too???? Out to eat last night. I combined dark wash jeans with my animal print top and lightweight camel colored shirttail jacket, brown shoes AND SOCKS...and my big statement necklace (again).


  7. We were sitting there last night, just finished eating, enjoying the birthday party for a friend...and I was thinking...I wonder if this necklace would look better without the lower level of large circle of bangles. I asked DH and he said no, because the chain is large too :(( (see below)


  8. Bow blouses have come back into style -- though they look a bit different now than in PM Thatcher's day. Deanna, nice outfit! I think your husband is right about the large circle and the chain. But that's a really long chain...is there any way to shorten it so it hangs above your breasts instead of below? Today's outfit for a beautiful Monday: navy slacks, pastel yellow sweater with snug elbow-length sleeves over a white s/s button-down, and a twisted metallic necklace. Need to remind myself to start wearing bracelets and watches again now that it's warm enough to have exposed wrists!

  9. Thanks all for you help and encouragement. Deanna, love the outfit. I agree with your husband about the necklace and I actually like the length too. Bow blouses do look a bit different than the 80's versions but I still struggle with them, perhaps because I wore them then! Wonderer,you know your Canadian when you are excited about exposed wrists! Today I am dressed boring, well except for the shoes which you can't really see in the picture. They have multicoloured metallic bands with the white. Not thrilled with the outfit but not sure what to do to make it better. The navy top has cut outs, with a navy under layer which you can't see in the picture.


  10. LOL, Catherine, too true! I think your outfit could do with a pop of colour -- a bright statement necklace, shoes, or a scarf. I'd suggest bright red, but that might be because I've been on a red kick lately...decided to keep a lookout for red shoes. Today's outfit: pulled out my high-low dress with the yellow/pink/orange abstract flowers, and "grounded" it for the office with a navy blazer and navy tights. (The weather has warmed up a lot in the past week, but still a bit too chilly for bare legs.) Added a wide orange belt. No jewellery because the dress itself is so bold. This morning it occurred to me that I could probably wear the dress with yesterday's yellow sweater, too -- will have to try that another time.

  11. Everyone sound and looks lovely. I exposed my toes ladies! Lookout world here we come. First 2 outfits are the same day, just one was in the AM and it was still 30ish and the other was in the PM and it was 60 degrees. The caramel coat is new to me and I just love it. And in the last outfit the pants are hemmed and dry cleaned and new to me. Also that flowery top is new to me. Love it. Oh....and score the knock of Prada handbag it new to me for $1.49! (Guessing it's not real b/c the inside tag says made in China.) Gotta love it. ~Gwen


  12. Where on earth can you find bow blouses? I've seen one and only one online, and I buy very few clothes online. I used to wear those blouses. They looked good on me, mainly because they were of a soft material, long sleeves, and looked dressy. Can't believe that designers are actually coming up with pretty blouses again. I'll believe it when I see them in a store near me.

  13. I was at Marshall's today and found 2 bow blouses, in the clearance section. They are still there! I also saw them on a trip to the mall at either Laura or Cleo. I am in Canada so the selection might be different for you. Gwen, you are looking good! I loved how you adapted the first outfit to the weather. I have bare toes today too, it finally got to 21 C (70F) outside. I wore red sandals with black pants, red striped tshirt and black cardigan. Wonderer, red is one of my fav colours, its a great add for adding the pop of colour.

  14. We're having fun aren't we systers?

  15. I am trying something entirely new for me today. The floral print isn't new but the shape of the skirt sure is. I am not sure I have wore anything but a pencil skirt since... a long time! It is definitely comfy. I realize now that I need to go out and buy some large necklaces my "statement" necklaces are still pretty bland compared to what is in fashion right now. I am layered up so I can take the sweater off when the temps get to the high of 24C (75 F) today.


  16. I can see from everyone's outfits that spring is coming! Catherine, I love the colours and shape of that skirt. Today I'm wearing my dark grey dressy denims with a cobalt blue cardi over a B&W polka-dot button-down. Accessorized with a faux gold-and-silver statement necklace.

  17. Sounds great Wonderer. Just read the article about balance and realized why the top I have on today was a WOW when I went shopping! it is the correct balance. So today I am wearing taupe cropped pants, black (charcoal really) with grey and brown/beige flowers tunic style top with elastic waste and faux collar/button down at top, unique necklace that has a large stone that matches the beige/taupe and sits exactly in the slit at of the top. This top looks amazing with my black jeans but needed to be just a bit dressier today. On my feet are the cutest and comfy beige flats with a flower faux clasp on the side. Loving the spring clothes.

  18. Well done, Catherine! Today's outfit: navy slacks, light taupe wrap-style knit top, eggplant cami, multi-coloured/multi-stranded necklace. I haven't done any spring shopping yet, but I've been looking around online. Next step will be to double-check my spring/summer wardrobe (mostly still packed away) to see what I already have and what I need most -- so I don't get sidetracked by all the pretty tops/skirts and forget to buy basics! Some things on my list: a new pair of comfy sandals, a cropped cardi or blazer that stops at my natural waist (for wearing with skirts/dresses), some shorts or capris (I'm a long-waisted C, so it's much easier to find flattering skirts...but sometimes you need a warm-weather bottom piece that's not a skirt!). And more "casual chic" clothes in general -- I've got office stuff and "lounging around at home" stuff, but not a lot in between, so whenever I'm off work for more than a couple of days in a row, I run into problems!

  19. My outfit for Friday night this week...gray jeans, yellow jean jacket with an off-white short sleeved tee and a yellow and gray and off-white scarf, gray shoes. And I plan to work the pearl necklace in with my scarf.


  20. Casual Friday at the office: dark-wash skinny jeans with black runners, oversized light-wash chambray belted at the waist with a red skinny belt, and a faux diamond statement necklace. Something's off with this outfit and I can't figure out what...grrr. Happy Friday, all!

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