How to...cuffed jeans?

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  1. I keep seeing jeans with the legs rolled or cuffed. I have long legs and nice ankles so I would like to try this. BUT I can't figure out the formula. I end up looking like a long legged bird. What kinds of jeans? Skinny only? Can i do it with my boot cuts? How far up do you roll them? Where to stop? What kinds of shoes work? Honestly, I need a scientific explanation for everything! Lol that's why I love MSP. She instructs me and doesn't leave me trying to copy. Thanks SYStas.

  1. I think bootcut jeans may be kinda bulky, so probably skinny. Old Navy "Boyfriend" jeans are made to roll up.

  2. I love this question. This is exactly why I am here, too. I think cute flats for shoes. But then again, I only wear flats with jeans because I have a 2 and a 4 year old, so I am biased. . . I think there is a sweet spot length wise that is NOT the widest part of your calf. Waiting for others to weigh in but agree with catwoman bootcuts may not work. . .

  3. I like this look too but for the opposite reason, I am not tall and do not have long legs. So I went to pinterest and checked out the ones I liked the looks of. Interesting all shapes and sizes of women are doing this look and making it look good. I did notice the ones I liked only had it rolled a few inches above the ankle, the jeans if not skinny were a slim fit so there wasn't a lot of fabric hanging around. The rolls up seemed to be less than a couple of inches. As for the shoes I saw a lot of variety, so basically anything would go. My suggestion would be to go check out pinterest and see what appeals to you then give it a whirl. Good Luck.

  4. Catwomanbert, you mentioned Old Navy boyfriend jeans. Anybody have any...or tried them on? I'm wondering, depending on what kind of shoe you're wearing...or maybe even just how you feel that day...if they would work rolled down? Anybody?

  5. The classic inspiration for this was Marilyn Monroe n slouchy loose jeans. I think it was in The Misfits. So you have to strike a balance between relaxed fit but not so much fabric that it looks sloppy bulky. Slim fit, but not body hugging tight. Loose but not falling off. I also think the fit determines the cuff. A looser fitting pant gets a looser rolled cuff and a trimmer pant gets a smoother tighter cuff. I think they look great with a heel or a flat, depending on the details. A strap that echoes the horizontal line of the cuff is sharp. And for some reason, I really like a pointier toe.

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