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  1. In a Dilemma regarding nylons or bare legs..Traveling to Virginia next week for a wedding which starts at 5:00pm. Chose a evening dress which is a little above the knee. I am 56 years old and can't decide what is age appropriate and evening appropriate. . Any suggestions?

  1. Well - rather than your age, it depends on the look of your legs, especially your knees. Have a look at other people when you are out and about this week, or even people on TV. If you have any doubts, wear very nice nylons/tights/pantyhose. And take spare ones in case of laddering. :)

  2. Wear what makes you comfortable. I'm heading to a business conference in a few weeks and I just bought new nylons last night. For a wedding I'd most likely wear nylons - but if your dress is casual or the weather is to hot then I might not. Go with your gut instinct. Have fun. ~Gwen

  3. If you have great unmarked legs then go without hose. However, if you feel strange then wear light hose. There is no rule, just do what is best for you. Sandals and hose look frumpy though.

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