Pantone Colors for each Season

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  1. Does MSP include what the Pantone colors are for the various colors in each season? Colors on a computer monitor and color descriptions are not consistent and I'd love something that goes back to a described color space that is consistent.

  1. No, she doesn't, but that's a good about writing her via the Contact Us page to suggest it?

  2. I don't know what MSP supplies but I doubt it will include Pantone colours. When I had my colours done they gave me swatches but also said these were guidelines. For example Red, look for a red that leans toward purple in other words more of a raspberry red and to avoid any red leaning toward orange etc (I am a summer by the way) There are lots of websites that give you that sort of advice. When I started using my colours I tended to use the swatch book and watch it very closely. Good Luck! I know this doesn't really answer your question but I hope it helps a little.

  3. Problem is that I can't see the difference in shades that well and also buy a lot via the internet. I can ask about what color an item is by Pantone colors and get useful data back. I'm a Spring tending toward autumn

  4. Pantone has alot of colors!

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