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  1. We were on page 2 so I am starting a new thread. Today, I am wearing a royal blue and white gingham shirt half tucked in with jeans and a black belt and shoes. I was surprised to read the spring preview and discover that I am already rocking the trend. Nobody but me and my husband are going to see this outfit but I can still bask in the glow (unless I get a sudden call out for work, otherwise I will be doing data analysis all day at home on my computer). Hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of the Spring preview and you were lucky enough to find some of the trends in your closet already!

  1. LOL...well done, Catherine! I, too, am rocking one of those trends -- double denim. I'm wearing my dark grey dressy denims (again) with a chambray shirt under a navy blazer. Added a black-and-clear statement necklace, but now that I think of it, a pop of colour would have been better. Need to buy a few colourful necklaces, I think. Also in my closet already: basic black flats and black sneakers (more colour needed here too!), and a couple of floral-print dresses. One is a black-and-white graphic print (knee-length fit-and-flare) that I'm thinking of wearing to a wedding in May. The other is a combination of brights with a high-low hemline...what do you ladies think, are high-low hemlines "out"? Wondering if maybe I can just cut off the hem to be straight or nearly straight, and maybe take off the sleeves while I'm at it. (And by "I", I mean the tailor....)

  2. I love the high low hemline but I am not certain it is really in fashion right now. Still see it on pinterest though! i am with you on getting some colourful necklaces. I go with a plan and then inevitably end up buying silver. Today I was stuck in a room with files for half the day and in a meeting the other half. Its friday so I went with black denim with a very pale pattern of roses on them. Black and white striped long sleeve tshirt and a red blazer. Black flat riding boots. One person said to me today "you always look so put together!" Wooo HOOOO! That's what I am here for. (Yes the tone was complimentary)

  3. Sorry Wonder, I have no idea on the hemlines for this year. Wait a few days, maybe MSP will tell us. I'm sure a tailor could take it up though. I did have the blue suit coat sleeves taken up an inch; it looks much better. These photos are from the last several days. I thought I was all done with boots but we are at 32 degrees and going to get snow today. ~Gwen


  4. Gwen, you are always looking so good. I was hoping that we were done with boots but deep down I knew we weren't. Today I woke up to several inches of snow. YUCK! Today I am wearing brown. I don't know why because it is not really in my season. I bought it because I loved the style and fit and thought it would look good with other colours in my closet. As I move forward I have decided browns will not be purchased. My neutrals are black, navy, grey (white is summer) Lesson learned but for today I am wearing tan slim dress pants with dark brown leather boots. I have a long sleeved cream Tshirt with a scalloped bottom topped with a chocolate brown jacket (traditional jean jacket look only in brown). I have a long necklace with a funky pendant at the bottom. This is to help out with the crew neck of the top which isn't my best look. I am looking forward to what it in this weeks Spring trend article.

  5. LOL, Catherine, I'm with you on the "oops" silver necklaces. Hurrah for the compliment! Today I'm wearing a black/green/blue plaid sheath dress with my favourite long grey sweater. Added black opaque tights, a black belt, and a faux diamond statement necklace. I was away for 3 days this weekend at a folk dance conference and managed to pack really light: one pair of skinny jeans, two T-shirts (one blue and one red in a dressier style), two sweaters (chunky brown sweater that buttons up, chunky cream cable-knit sweater). For the two dances in the evening I brought a brown skirt and one active-wear top in mint, and reused the blue T-shirt with the same skirt. Also brought two necklaces as I don't feel dressed without them! And winter gear of course -- which included 3 pairs of shoes (winter boots, dance shoes, and indoor shoes). Sigh.

  6. Today's easy outfit: dark grey bootcut slacks and a "cool" brown turtleneck sweater with a long asymmetrical necklace.

  7. Gwen, I really like the last outfit, the skirt, boots and jacket with the cream/white scarf. Catherine, I love the sound of your brown outfit...but then, brown is my color! Wonderer, the folk dance conference sounds fun...and so do your outfits! Today I had a doctor's appointment...wore a long sleeved v-necked graphic tee, a very, very pale gold. I paired it with a kind of shrug that I really like...oatmeal/cream...and dark brown jeans and shoes...small dangle earrings only.

  8. Meant to mention that I ordered the gold necklace from charming Charlie shown in MSP's email today. Did anyone else like it? It came in silver too.

  9. I am going to wear kaftans this season. Recently, I found online store for kaftans and they are amazing. I am uploading an image along with the web address. Have a look at http://www.camilla.com.au/shop/lounge.html


  10. Sophia - I checked out the Camilla website, very pretty items. I would love to see someone wearing this and how they would style it.

  11. Hello from the Great White North! We are in the midst of a snowstorm! Its beautiful to look at but horrible for those who have to be on the road. So today I am dressed in my favourite hoody, yep the rainbow one I posted earlier with a pair of black denims that fit to perfection. I put a yellow T shirt under the hoody. So even though it doesn't look like spring outside I look like spring inside! Sophia, looking forward to seeing some real people wearing Kaftans. In my head I see the 70s version but at the Camilla website it certainly looks nice and comfy for summer. Caught a huge sale at my favourite shoe store, picked up a couple pairs of Josef Spegil, a brand that really fits my feet well, at an awesome price. Followed all my rules so I should get a lot of wear out of them. I now only buy shoes that feel comfy the moment I try them on, if they need to be "broken in" they don't come home with me. One pair of dressy flats in nude and a chunky heal sandal in red. I see getting lots of wear out of both. Now we need the weather for shoes (sandals are a few weeks away)

  12. Hurrah, Catherine! I agree, comfy shoes all the way. Sophia, those are gorgeous. The dance conference was mostly contra dance (which is the kind of dance I do) but also English Country Dance, Quebecois, and others. Today I pulled out a pastel yellow sweater from last spring -- temps are still around freezing, but spring is coming! Added medium grey straight-leg slacks and my navy blazer, with a multi-coloured necklace.

  13. OK ladies, this is for those of you who are getting ready to go on vacation. It was written by a guy named Gene and posted on a blog called Miss Minimalist. It's about his journey to minimalism: "Clothes that I don’t ever wear I take on vacation. Why? Well I wear them one last time and then throw them away. No dirty laundry to bring back home with me. Although my friends have inquired why I tend to wear tacky or torn shirts in the photos from Disney World that I post on Facebook."

  14. Wonder, the yellow sounds lovely; wish I could wear it but it's a bad color for me. Deanna, nice thought on the minimalist packing, not sure I Could do it though. Catherine, love the rainbow sweater; you can re-post that one and I'd never tire of seeing it. I didn't get warn fuzzies on some of my conference outfits so I did some more shopping! Got this sleeveless shirt dress at a 2nd hand shop. I'll post how I'm thinking to wear it for May another time. This is how I wore it to church tonight; 35 degrees and windy. ~Gwen


  15. Gwen, that really looks like a versatile dress. Today I am casual as I will be sitting in a small research room all day doing data collection. I have company coming for supper and won't have time to change if I want to cook and eat at a reasonable hour. So today I am little girl blue!


  16. Cute outfit, Catherine! Gwen, I agree, that looks like a great find. Today is a long one, so I'm in a comfy outfit: dark drey dressy denims, ombre cowl-neck top, blue semiprecious stone pendant.

  17. Changed a little from my "normal" work attire. Wearing dark rinse jeans, and a leafy patterned top in shades of blue, turquoise and white with comfy blue moccasin loafers. I added turquoise earrings and ring for accessories. Not a bad look.

  18. RT, that outfit sounds great to me. I love the colours! Wonderer, doing a stone pendant... so on trend! Yes, I just read the article. I am only working for the morning because I have a big dentist appointment at lunch that is likely going to knock me off my feet for the rest of the day. So today I am wearing my most comfy jeans, royal blue Vneck tshirt and a cream cardigan with brown belt. I will add ballet flats when I go out (unless it starts to rain or snow).

  19. RT, you sound very classy today. Good luck at the dentist, Catherine! Today's outfit for "casual Friday" at the office: dark-wash skinny jeans with riding boots, oversized chambray button-down, long grey sweater, accessorized with a skinny red belt and a faux diamond statement necklace. I have a long torso so this may not be the best look on me, but is it ever comfortable, and trendy too!

  20. Everyone sounds very put together. Two outfits from this week. I did find a great scarf at a 2nd hand store. It's the striped one below. I read an article on how petites should wear vertical striped scarfs. I made the sign at a Life Expressions class this morning. ~Gwen


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