What are the rules for the 8 piece capsule challenge?

Started 5 years ago.
  1. Hi Everyone! I'm a little late to challenge and I can't find any rules. My thoughts were that the following items could be exempt and subject to unlimited use: Gym clothes that you actually work out in. (If you wear Lulu Lemon as streetwear this would not apply) Accessories such as belts,scarves,earrings, hair elastics and shoes and "Dirty Work" Clothes/Job Uniforms (Only one of my many jobs is an office job where I won't get dirty)and outwear...jackets, hats, and mitts. My challenge will be changing from the "Dirty Work" clothes to the capsule wardrobe clothes on the fly to the next job! I could end up doing the house cleaning work wearing pearls just like June Cleaver!Wish me luck.

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