how do I find my colors?

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  1. I finally got the results after weeks of waiting, to find out that I am a "fall". There must be more that I'm missing as that just doesn't tell me enough. Anyone know how I can find out what colors are in the "fall" color ID? thanks so much!

  1. You can try this website. You will have to cut and paste the address into your browser, the links don't work from this forum. I am surprised that you weren't sent more info on the colour season. There are also other sites if you google Fall colour palette. Good Luck! Have fun enjoying some new colours. Looking at the trendy colours for this season you should find a few that are perfect for you!

  2. The email you got telling you that you are a "fall" should have a PDF attachment in it with that info. If it doesn't, contact MSP and let them know!

  3. Do you belong to Pinterst? I've gotten some ideas from that. I agree that contacting missus smartypants should help.

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