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  1. I am a true, or warm, Spring. I am having trouble picking my basics and accents. I did not care for the mustard color in the suggested wardrobe by color season that was posted a few weeks ago. I know I like khaki for bottoms. In the summer I wear a lot of ivory, light coral and light turquoise or aqua. I have a lot of black basics, but they are not in my color palette. Any ideas? I am in my sixties but still love fashion!

  1. For basic neutrals, how about camel, warm brown, and ivory? Turquoise/aqua and brown look great together!

  2. What about the dark brown, khaki and navy for the neutrals and ivory, turquoise and coral or peach for your accents? I'm struggling as well, I like dark brown and khaki for pants and actually prefer autumn colors for tops but must admit I do look better in true spring colors. I'm hoping more folks join in so we both get more ideas and I am not sure what to do either.

  3. Thanks, both of you. I like navy, too. I am going to work on my basics and see what I still need, and try to find the best quality I can for my basics. I have too much ill fitting cheap junk in my closet!

  4. Sounds like a great plan. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  5. My best friend wears a nice natural warm orangey coral color...deeper than peach, brighter than terra cotta, I can't quite describe it, but it looks fabulous, and she pairs it with browns, khaki, leaf green, and even royal blue.

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