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  1. I would love to see pictures of your capsules. I am still struggling with this and building up my basics. At this point I am only allowing myself to buy the basics. I have lots of colourful pieces! I would love to see the capsules you are putting together. I am sure many of us struggle with the capsule concept!

  1. What is your seasonal color palette?

  2. I didn't literally put together an 8-piece capsule, but if I did, it might look something like this (office wear for winter weather): dark grey dressy bootcut denims, navy straight-leg dress pants; navy blazer, long grey cardigan (mid-thigh length); grey wool dress; thin red turtleneck, light taupe wrap top, and...hmm, maybe a thin pastel-yellow sweater as a nod to spring. Plus accessories as needed. I could wear any of the tops with either of the pants and add either the blazer or the cardigan. Ideally I'd pick a dress that I could wear with one of the shirts (on top or underneath) for yet another look, but I don't have one that would work. At least this one could be worn with either the blazer or the cardigan (or on its own), and with a variety of tights/leggings.

  3. I am a true summer which means I can slip in some winter colours but can't move toward spring or fall colour pallets. I have a very fair skin tone with freckles and blue eyes. I love to wear lots of colour which gets me in trouble when I shop because I don't naturally get drawn to those "boring neutrals". Wonderer it sounds like you have a good handle on the capsule. Thanks! Tonight I am going to try to assemble a spring (ish) capsule with grey as the neutral and your list and see how I do. Then I will make a list of the neutrals I need to complete it.

  4. Catherine, I have the same trouble shopping for neutrals...just try to remind myself that I need the neutrals to put together an outfit! I usually stay with neutral pants/skirts, which makes it much easier to wear all the colour I want on my top half. How did your experiment go?

  5. I have come to realize that I do have neutrals for the bottom half of my body. I have some neutrals for the top half but they are almost all Tshirts (long and short sleeves). With the exception of 2 white button downs my top half is a riot of colour generally. I have grey only in pants, so I am wondering if I should work to eliminate it over time (along with the browns!) Navy and Black (white for summer) seem to be the more practical neutrals for me or at least ones that go with the colours I love on the top half. It really isn't until you start to lay stuff out that you notice what goes with what and what gets slid to the side! I am in the midst of losing weight so as I replace stuff that no longer fits there is going to be some major changes, still working out the details. Today I have decided to get rid of brown (I don't have much but I spent money on it and it still fits), now I am thinking of removing grey.

  6. I see that we summers love colors. I wear black pants, but also wear gray and navy frequently. I love my olive and taupe-brown pants and corduroys but brown seems to be "out of style" right now. I'll just put them aside since they fit nicely and are classic styles. In the spring and summer it's mostly white and khaki because of the heat. Wonderer, I have practically lived in dark gray corduroys this winter since we had ice, cold and even snow throughout February. Dark jeans are a great neutral for me, retired teacher. I bought dark burgundy red pants but did not enjoy them. They are being donated. Lots of rosy pink, aqua, soft blues, purples, gray, and some red, which has a blue undertone. I still have my swatches from Color Me Beautiful in the 80's.

  7. Mgiverny, that's where I got my colors too, Color Me Beautiful. I don't have swatches...just the books. I cut out my color chart and laminated it...I use it regularly.

  8. I am a Summer also, but I have actually added brown back in! Cool cocoa-y brown and beige, for shoes and bottoms mainly. I like grey and look good in it, and it goes so well with blues. I avoid black like the plague, it is just too harsh and, well, I'm just sick of it! But I admit it does go with our blues, pinks, etc, and is invaluable for dressy shoes, bags, and belts, which can be hard to find in grey, blue, beige, etc. I like a beige/ivory and black bag; I have a colorblock one and a Lulu Guinness one with a terrier on it.(SO cute.) Still have my Avon swatchbook from the 80's....

  9. I'm yet another Summer. Grey is my go-to neutral, but I also love white in summertime (in winter my skin is too pale and just looks washed out next to white) and I have a few items in each of cocoa, navy, cream, and taupe. I got rid of black (except for accessories and tights) but one thing that's still black is my main winter coat. I've had it for quite a while, so maybe next year will be the year it gets replaced. In the meantime, I make sure to wear a colorful scarf!

  10. True summer here. Fair skin, mouse hair turning gray but I'm still coloring and highlighting. Wonderer, I wore gray corduroys frequently this winter. Black for pants, but also navy, taupe, brown, gray in winter, and dark jeans. Mostly khaki and white bottoms because of the heat in warm weather. It was a beautiful day, daffodils are almost gone and trees and azaleas fully budded. I love our spring and summer seasons. I switched winter /summer clothes , and ironed half a day. I love linen-, shirts pants, and three floral skirts I've had for awhile. I'll wear lacy, short sleeve cardigans because of air conditioning and also for coverage. I bought two tops at TJMaxx, sort of like Pioneer Woman wears! But in much softer colors. The best buy for the season? A coral linen top with wood buttons and a rosy linen button up shirt. Macys puts out spring clothes early and I bought these tops the second week of January! I seem to like both dark red and gray for coats. I also wore a dark plum all-weather 3/4 coat win a zip out lining. At the zoo I have to wear khaki top and bottoms, not my color at all. But I add pretty earrings to make me feel better. The stores are showing navy and coral or yellow, along with all shades of blue. I can wear a pinky-coral, but usually stay away from yellow. We are all ready for a change from winter clothes!

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