Planning a week of outfits when traveling

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  1. I have a new position that involves international travel. When I arrive at my location I need to have 4 days of professional, warm weather but in air-conditioned buildings clothes. Any ideas?

  1. Congratulations on your new position! Is there a cultural component that you need to be aware of? I took a business trip to India and chose dress pants over skirts (for leg coverage), and tops with high necklines...but in other places, you might find that women always wear skirts. When you've been there once, you'll have a better idea of what your colleagues are wearing and you can adjust your wardrobe as necessary. One benefit of pants is that you can wear more practical shoes, which may be important depending on where you're going. I'd recommend bringing separates that you can mix and match -- maybe two suits (jacket + pants and/or jacket + skirt) in different but coordinating neutrals/colours. Lightweight wool is a good choice as it won't wrinkle the way linen will. Then bring up to 5 shirts. Cotton will breathe better than some synthetics but will wrinkle more easily. If you can find a shirt in high-tech breathable synthetic that can pass for a business shirt, that's ideal...look at Tilley or another adventure sports/travel store. Good luck!

  2. I no longer travel for business but when I did my choice was always to take the following for a week's worth of business meetings. My travel was all within US though. 2 suits - At the time they were blazer and skirt suits. I made sure I could wear either blazer with either skirt so that gave me 4 outfits right off. Now I'd probably opt for pants instead of skirts. (My favorite combination was a navy blue suit and a bright red suit. I am a spring/autumn in coloring) 2-3 Ties or scarves (This was in the height of the Dress for Success era where women had to wear that type of business clothing) 1 pr more casual pants like Khaki's that I could wear with either blazer 5 blouses or shirts that work with any of the above items. I always had at least 2 plain solid colored and 2 patterned but the 5th could go either way. 1 cardigan sweater that goes with any of the above items for layering as required. Preferred either cream or navy. 1 pr pumps that work with all the above medium heel not fancy I usually took a dark navy pair 2-3 pairs pantyhose. I figured I could wash them in the hotel each night and if I got runs I could always go out and buy another pair there. spare bra (washing bras at night works well) spare pr socks 5 pr underwear (I like all cotton and they don't dry fast enough when washed in a hotel sink ) Maybe a strand of pearls or a gold chain and maybe 1 pr earrings that are small and business like but no other jewelry and only things I would not be too worried about if they were lost or stolen. Travel clothes pr khakis or dark slacks, casual but neat If not a second pr khakis then they were navy blue and could go with the red blazer as a casual combination. polo shirt usually in cream or navy blue comfortable walking shoes, usually slip on, often nurses shoes in navy blue socks underwear bra hat one of the blazers, not one I planned to wear the first day there so usually the red one or if it was winter my tan colored classic trench coat. I'd take a very small packable raincoat if I didn't take the trench and always took an umbrella My goal was to only carry a briefcase with my business stuff and 1 small carryon bag with clothing and toiletries. I NEVER check luggage on the outgoing trip and only rarely on the coming home trip. You only lose luggage ONCE and you never check it again. My favorite place to get clothing that packs well is TravelSmith

  3. Lucky you! Definitely cardigans, jackets, etc, for the climate.

  4. There are some great packing list available. I like this gals blog. or check this one. or check out pinterest for more. Just search for packing for a business trip or any variation there of. HTH! ~Gwen

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