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  1. Hello, I have joined and paid, and need to contact MSP because there is some problem with my membership. The website says I don't have a membership. The contact form wants me to fill in something in the "TITLE" box. Can anyone tell me what this should be. Thank you, magpie

  1. How about filling in the Title box with the word: Membership?

  2. Or "Problem with Membership" -- anything to indicate what you're writing about (like the subject line in an email).

  3. This must be a frequent and recurring problem at MSP. I have a PAID receipt and and eBook(common sense but good refresher) but NO PERSONAL ID PROFILE ACCESS! I cannot get a CORRECT link to copy&paste into the browser(search bar)The link that was sent says Inactive! They are quick to accept payment SLOW to respond. I received the general emails but am really disappointed at the difficulty in accessing the personal profile Id . ROYAL PAIN! But I will perserer!

  4. This issue has been resolved. You can always click on the link "Contact Us" at the bottom of the website. Thanks! Leslie MSP

  5. Is there any way the seasonal colors could be made larger or made on a card to purchase. This would be so helpful with shopping

  6. Janice, that's a good suggestion. MSP doesn't always see the messages in this forum, but you could send her the idea by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. :)

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