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  1. Hello, I have something of a dillema. You see, in my country/city they start fashion season before the season. I've had Fall catalogues for several weeks already (and one preliminary comes before the summer starts). The stores have already started to sell "back to work" and Fall based outfits. My wardrobe and this site is still on "Summer time". The issue for me is that it doesn't match neither my wardrobe (as my Fall clothes are still tucked away), nor the "Personal Profile" suggestions. I can't neither start planning my Fall wardrobe right now, because I don't see what I have (nor are the suggestions here really connected to it), nor can I buy summer outfits anymore, except for some cheap leftovers. This isn't something that occures specifically during the summer, it's all year round like this. Do you have any suggestions what I can do?

  1. How about making a list of your clothing before you put it away and then when they have that season in the store, purchase going by your list. I would only keep a list of what I really like, in other words, purge as you put it away.

  2. I think JMJBear has a brilliant idea to make a list of clothing before putting it away. I will use this and, from that list, check what is missing to complete the outfits (like those «One item-Three Ways»!). MSP suggests to always go shopping with a list of items we need. That is my next step. And, as MSP wrote: “To have a really great wardrobe, you need to start with the basics”. Check your personal profile to find the PDF «The Must-have Basics for Your Wardrobe», these can be worn regardless of seasons. I found out I have too many prints and not enough solid color items and also too many colors in my closet, though all in my seasonal palette. A purge is on the way !

  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm going to do exactly this, and as provdi says "A purge is on the way". I just bought the recipes e-book and thinking of puting together a style binder. Though I'm a little intimidated by the upcoming purge. Last summer (little over 1 year ago) I burned out and I'm still dealing with sudden fatigues. Each time I switch seasonal clothes, I end up for weeks with piles on the bedroom floors. >.> Last time I "hid" it, by throwing everything from the past season into the laundry.

  4. Memengwa, maybe just start with one type of clothing at a time, such as tops. Like Flylady says, "babysteps". Or maybe as you approach the end of each season, try wearing every piece of clothing at least once, and determine at that time if it is a keeper or not. After you wear each item, the keepers will go to the back of the closet or to one side. The non-keepers will go into a give-away box. By the end of the season, hopefully you will have tried every piece. You can do this.

  5. That's my plan Cindy, too :) but thank you for the idea. I'm going to actually start with the bottoms, since it's my worst category right now. I still feel intimidated by it, though.

  6. I am gearing up for a huge purge as I am moving out of a larger closet into a smaller one believe it or not. I have a feeling that I will need to move more to my "out of season" basement closet once this is done even with a purge. I also think making a list is a fantastic idea or even digital pictures of each item in a file in your computer. Sounds like a plan!

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