Henley or Polo Style Shirts instead of V-Neck?

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  1. As a follow on to the I hate V Neck shirts thread, what about going with Henley or Polo styles instead? I've been considering these options: http://women.duluthtrading.com/store/product/womens-longtail-t-short-sleeve-henley-shirt-82510.aspx http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-short-sleeve-garment-dyed-pique-polo-shirt/id_263371 http://www.travelsmith.com/foxcroft-short-sleeved-knit-polo-shirt/women/tops-shirts/short-sleeves-tees/777097 I work outside on a farm all day. I bend over a lot and v-necks are uncomfortable and show too much. I give farm tours in summer so I want to look stylish but need to carry several tools on my belt all the time. I usually wear a jacket or oversize long sleeve shirt to prevent sunburn and have some washable blazers I use too on occasion. I had an MSP membership years ago, but dropped it because there wasn't much for active outside working women like me. Considering rejoining but worried I won't get much in the way of help with my rather specific fashion needs.

  1. I could see that style working for your needs, BaaBaa! If you leave it partly unbuttoned like in the second link, you'll still get that vee that brings attention up to your face without "cutting off" your head. You're probably right that MSP isn't quite what you need, though there are some women with casual lifestyles who find the advice helpful (or are able to adapt it).

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