3 neutrals and only 3 accent colors

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  1. I think I'm missing something here. For the basis of my wardrobe, how do I choose only 3 accent colors? I had chosen black and gray as two of my neutrals, but need a 3rd. I am a winter. I love color and am having a hard time choosing only 3 colors as accent colors to wear for my wardrobe. I love blue, red, pastel pink, red, purple - everything from purple to lavendar, i love maroon,eggplant, plum, teal, turquoise. How do I pick that 3rd neutral color and how do I only pick 3 other colors to wear? HELP!

  1. It may be helpful to choose accent colors that go well with each other. And the ones you already have. And the ones that look the VERY best on you. Also consider how easy they are to find. Red is easy to find, but might not look great with lavendar or plum. For neutral, may I suggest either white, black and gray, or black, charcoal and lighter gray. Don't worry, after you have your capsule wardrobe you can go crazy on colorful accessories!

  2. Susu, I have the same problem! Catwoman is wise when she suggests coordinating colours. For example, teal, turquoise, and some sort of purple (or several shades of purple that coordinate...). Personally, I've given up on limiting colours and just try to make sure I have enough neutral pieces that I can combine items in different ways. Shopping for neutrals isn't as fun as shopping for colours, but even I will admit that neutrals really help one's wardrobe. ;-) I also agree with picking easy colours to find -- for example, eggplant is trendy now, but will it be in stores next year? I'd love to have cream as one of my neutrals (it's much more flattering on me than white) but it's impossible to find. You get the idea!

  3. Thanks for the advice! I have black and charcoal gray and think I will choose white as my 3rd neutral. I do love red, but don't have much in my wardrobe right now. I have lots of blues right now - mostly navy to chambray. Not cobalt. Have very little magenta, but some light pink/rose colors.I also have a few mint green/blue items. Any more suggestions? Guess I better get out that MSP color wheel!

  4. Catwomanbert, so good to see you on here again!! You always have such good observations and advice. Diana TX

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Diana! Fashion is fun.

  6. susu331, the six colors are only the beginning of your wardrobe. You will be able to add other colors and neutrals later. Starting with 6 inateractive colors gets you a versatile wardrobe where most of the pieces will mix and match. Pants, for example, don't need to coordinate with skirts; but you'd want each of them to create outfits with the tops, jackets and coats, with shoes and bags, belts, hats, scarves and jewelry. Shoes and other accessories should fashionably complete several outfits; but you probably don't have to coordinate casual wear with evening clothes! After you collect a basic wardrobe (which might contain some of the really flattering pieces you already own), you can look for an extra piece which combines with some of your wardrobe. That additional item could start you branching out into another color or neutral. There might be colors you'd pick for your winter clothing and others for warm weather. Every top, bottom or accessory doesn't have to mix with every other thing; only enough of those items so you can use each item in several great looking and becoming outfits, complete to accessories.

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