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  1. I thought of all of you last night when I was laying out my clothes for today. It is part of my evening routine to make the morning go smoother. Do you put out your clothes the night before? If you don't I would recommend you do it. Life is so much simpler when you don't have to think about assembling a complete outfit. Often I put several outfits together on the weekend but the actual outfit selection happens the night before. I check the weather forecast, my work appointments and my personal calendar and then put together the outfit that will work with those factors in minds. Occasionally I don't feel like that outfit come morning but most of the time I enjoy the pre picked clothes.

  1. I am terrible about this, and as a result it takes me much longer to get ready in the morning than it should! Sometimes I choose an outfit *in my head* the night before, but that doesn't have the feeling of commitment that actually seeing the outfit hanging on my closet door would. A habit to work at for sure!

  2. It's warm but rainy today after five inches of pretty snow! We never get snow here. As a happily retired teacher, I still plan what I'm going to wear the next day. My school required us to be there by 7.15am. To save time, I hung my outfit on the door and laid out everything, including socks and accessories. Needless to say that my lunch was packed in the fridge and briefcase by the door ready for a five minute walk to school. After two years, I still plan my outfits. It sure saves standing in the closet staring at clothes! But I'm having a hard time parting with my dressier professional clothes and shoes. I've given some to a clothes closet and sold some at a consignment shop, but I have more than I regularly wear.

  3. Choosing clothes the night before is a time-saver and stress-reliever! I don't always do it, but I agree it is a good habit.

  4. As a stay at home mom / homeschooler, I very rarely have to be any where early but when I do you can bet I set out an outfit. I always do for church to. Even when we have night time meetings I almost always have something picked out and hanging. I get to busy and it saves time when you are rushed. ~Gwen

  5. I always (try to) lay out my clothes the night before, whether I am going anywhere or not (I too stay home and home school). This is mostly because it really slows me down to have to pick it out in the morning. And my old 1890s farmhouse is so cold in the winter that it's nice to reach from under the covers to my hope chest and grab my warm clothes! I also find that if I cannot think of what to wear at night before I go to bed, I still won't have any great ideas in the morning, which really slows me down and gets me off to a bad start for the day. Also, now that I think of it, I pretty much never actually stay home all day - I have to run the kids here and there- so it's nice to be ready. Does anyone else have this issue - it's really hard for me to think of good outfits, especially under pressure of time. I started last year writing a little note card of outfits that I like, and when I am pushed for time I can just look at my cards and see if there is an outfit that would work there. I find lately that I always feel so overwhelmed like my mind is going in fifty directions all the time, and this helps me. Besides, I really am a "list" person anyway - I like to get things out of my head and consult a piece of paper! Gives my mind a rest. Has anyone checked out MSP's recipe book? Is that what the book is - ideas about what to wear? Maybe that would be helpful to me.

  6. Donna, I do something similar -- I keep a list (actually a spreadsheet) of what outfits I've worn. I note down everything including accessories. Makes it much easier to look back and see what combinations I haven't worn recently (I try not to style an item the same way as I did the last time I wore it, for variety's sake), or remember a combo I liked and have forgotten about. Super helpful!

  7. I'm not always consistent with setting out my clothes the night before, but when I do (especially on Sunday mornings) I find my day goes a lot smoother. Work is not a real problem, since my attire is simple (pants, a polo shirt with the church logo, a pair of loafers). Sundays are more difficult, since I have to be at church around 7:45 to get the piano and my fingers warmed up for the 8:30 service. The challenge is making sure whatever I'm wearing has been ironed and ready to go. Yes, I still iron clothes.

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