Any Autumns Out There?

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  1. I'm trying to build the basics for my wardrobe but am having a really hard time finding blazers, tops, etc. in autumn colors

  1. Don't despair! When the fall clothes come out in stores, there will be more for you. Meantime, check out brown and loden plaid blazers online-just google images. Some of your colors are earthy and will not jump out from the rack at you. But when you put them on, you will not look dull (like us summers do in autumn browns). Old Navy has some nice coral shirts now. Thrift stores in my area have mens suit jackets to spare. I have been known to grab those for myself.

  2. I second that, catwomanbert! I cruise the thrift stores off season to look for my colours. I also have a mental list of fave colours in my palette and always try to have those colours in my closet. I been hunting for a certain shade of green for almost a year now. My original shirt got a stain on it that just wouldn't come out so it had to go. I snipped a sample of the colour before a tossed it so I wouldn't forget the exact colour.

  3. I'm on the cusp of Autumn and Spring and in general I think that since most folks are in the cool colors that is what most places make. I'm looking at taking some on-line sewing classes in how to tailor and make blazers and tops and making my own. I can almost always find fabrics in my colors that are the natural fibers I prefer. I just wish we had a local tailor. I know that the fit of many off the rack items would be improved if I could tailor them but it's hard teaching yourself how to do the tailoring. I've even invested in a dress form and made it match me so I could get better but it's still slow going. I swear, there is a business for someone locally to make couture working clothes for women!

  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. I am definitely a thrift store gal! If any of you have struck gold at certain stores, I would love to have the names! Thx again

  5. What do you autumns choose to wear for the LBD? I really look quite sick in black!

  6. I'm a spring tending toward autumn. I'm looking at getting a navy blue LBD or perhaps a dark brown one.

  7. I'm an autumn. I wear mostly browns, greens, gold, terra cotta, dark tomato, teal, rust, some oranges...oh, and lime. I pretty much don't wear black or white. I also don't wear a LBD is out for me!

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