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  1. Catherine, welcome back. Glad you finally found the length on the sweater was too long. I decided I had a few minutes and to post. I'm off to a quilt retreat tomorrow. First 2 photos are pre-hair cut and color. Cost Cutters botched my last hair cut in January and it's finally grown out enough that I could have my regular gal fix it. And she added highlights. Miss my flippy hair style thought. I'll just have to let it grow. -25 tonight. It's going to warm up next week though. ~Gwen


  1. Deanna, what a great outfit for spring! Renee, sounds like you have the practicalities all figured out. Oh, and I was wearing a coat that day! I just don't mention it because it's always the same few coats and I take it off indoors, so I don't count it as part of the outfit. Today's outfit: navy slacks and eggplant sweater. Easy combo because I had yoga at lunch and wanted something without a lot of layers for ease of changing.

  2. Today I had on the world's brightest blouse! Teamed up with navy pants. I belted the blouse to show that I actually have a waist. I put the long grey cardigan overtop. Not sure I love it but I did get compliments. Sometimes I wonder if when we are moving about if our outfits look different than when we stand still and snap a photo. (I took a picture but there was a background issue, insert giggle here) I keep dreaming of warmer weather when adding a sweater layer won't be essential!

  3. Catherine, you and me both! Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, light taupe wrap top over an eggplant cami, chunky brown sweater, and a multicoloured/multi-stranded necklace.

  4. time for a new thread we are on page 2... going to start it and then tell you how trendy I am today!!!

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