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  1. Catherine, welcome back. Glad you finally found the length on the sweater was too long. I decided I had a few minutes and to post. I'm off to a quilt retreat tomorrow. First 2 photos are pre-hair cut and color. Cost Cutters botched my last hair cut in January and it's finally grown out enough that I could have my regular gal fix it. And she added highlights. Miss my flippy hair style thought. I'll just have to let it grow. -25 tonight. It's going to warm up next week though. ~Gwen


  1. Looking good. The scarf really ties everything together and your hair - cut and color - look great.

  2. I'm with mulberry! :) Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, brown-grey turtleneck sweater, faux diamond statement necklace.

  3. Cute haircut. What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut? 8 weeks! Ok that is a bad joke but a friend told that to me after I had a really bad cut and you just proved it. I always enjoy your pics Gwen. We started warming up yesterday, I am very excited to see temps edging up toward freezing! Today I have an all day meeting. The organizer likes to do fun things since we meet on Fridays and apparently no one likes all day Friday meetings. Today we were asked to come dressed comfy, the suggestion was jeans and tshirts. I recently purchased a new hoodie that I decided to wear today. It is fitted so it doesn't look frumpy. Of course it is loaded with colour. I didn't have my hair and makeup done when I snapped this quick pic for you but even without it I am happy with my relaxed look!


  4. Rainbows, I love it!! Wearing that would make me smile all day. We're getting a warm spell too, starting tomorrow (guess our weather is coming from your direction). Can't wait! Today's outfit: dark-wash skinny jeans, cream cable-knit sweater over a dark red tee, with a black and clear statement necklace.

  5. And for a Monday with above-freezing temperatures (hooray!!): green/blue/black plaid sheath dress, long taupe cardigan, skinny red belt, black tights, faux gold statement necklace.

  6. Today's outfit: dark grey dressy denims, cobalt blue v-neck cardi over a B&W polka-dot button-down, and a faux gold and silver statement necklace. :-)

  7. Catherine - love the hoodie. Wonder - is the sheath dress new? And the polka-dot top? Sounds lovely. Sorry about my face in the first photo. We were running late and I had no time to grab some shades. Here's a few things I finished at the quilt retreat. Notice I said finished - not started and finished! On the quilts all I had left to do was finish the bindings. I tried a new technique of a flanged binding on the lap quilt. My youngest Birthday boy is getting the other quilt so I sewed that binding on so I could be washed a lot. Glad to be home; it's lovely outside. ~Gwen


  8. Gwen -- no, not new, just haven't worn them for a while because it's been too cold until recently. Those quilts are gorgeous! I have an aunt who quilts and great respect for anyone who can do this beautiful art form. :) Today's outfit: black/blue/taupe plaid pencil skirt, dark taupe merino sweater, black opaque tights and riding boots, faux diamond statement necklace. We've had warmer weather the last few days and it reminded me that I always have trouble in spring -- I want to start wearing brighter and lighter-toned clothing, not all this dark stuff that I wear in fall/winter, but most of what I have is so lightweight that I can't wear it until May. (For example, shoes -- I have black closed-toe shoes and non-black sandals, but no non-black shoes for not-warm-enough-for-sandals season.) In the last couple of years I've bought a few things that fit the bill, but I'd like to add a few more. Might be time to go shopping...eager to see what's in MSP's Big Spring Preview next week!

  9. Wonder, you sound very classic today. Picked this M&H blazer up at a second hand shop. Wondering on the sleeve length? 2 of my friends said to leave it. What are your thoughts? Do you need another picture? ~Gwen


  10. These photos might be better. Not sure about the picture taker though.....


  11. Hi all. Gwen I think the sleeves are a little too long, not dreadful just a little. Not sure if a tailor can shorten them that small amount. Love the royal blue on you. Wonderer, transition seasons are always a challenge. I have been working on building up some of my transition footwear in the last couple of years. Now its probably time to start getting rid of old shoes! Good Luck. Today I am dressing for early spring. Beige cotton pants Yellow and blue floral button down with a fitted denim blazer. On my feet navy booties. Simple necklace and hoop earrings.

  12. I agree with Catherine -- an inch or so would do it, Gwen, if you're bothered. And it's a great colour on you. :) Catherine, what sort of transition footwear do you have? Today I've gone the opposite direction from you, Catherine, and am wearing a solidly winter outfit: grey wool dress, maroon/eggplant fleece tights with riding boots, mid-width black belt, twisted metallic necklace. (Love this outfit -- it looks chic but is so comfy it feels like PJs.) I also had my favourite long grey sweater on top but had to take it off because there's so much sun coming through my office window!

  13. Y'all's outfits sound great! Gwen, I think there's room to shorten the sleeves. They look a little out of proportion with the rest of the jacket. Nice blazer though. I haven't been anywhere this week except H&R Block. I wore my lucky jacket (bright buttery yellow denim) with a wildly striped tee (for me anyway) and dark wash jeans, brown shoes, orange necklace. I wore the same jacket for our tax appointment last year and we came out GREAT! Wore it this year on purpose, and we came out GREAT again :))


  14. Pretty, deanna, and hurrah for good taxes! Today's outfit for casual Friday: dark-wash skinnies, light-wash chambray shirt (my nod to spring!), chunky brown/white heathered sweater, faux diamond statement necklace. Worn with black riding boots, but brown would have made the outfit look more cohesive, I think -- I just don't own any.

  15. Goodness, you all look so good. My outfit is basically the same I wear every work day. A pair of neutral colored pants, a blue polo shirt with our church logo, and a pair of comfortable loafers (sometimes walking shoes). Very basic jewelry. I'm usually the only one in the office, so no need to dress to impress anyone.

  16. That takes all the guesswork out of what to wear in the morning -- I can see the appeal! What do you like to wear outside of work? Today they were forecasting a high in the 50s (first time this year!) so I pulled out one of my summer dresses with a bright abstract print -- pinks, yellow, orange, greens on a very light tan/oyster background. Added a navy blazer and semi-opaque navy tights, and a long metallic leaf necklace. I don't think it's going to get that warm after all, but at least I feel spring-y!

  17. Deanna, love the yellow jacket. It looks so cheerful and springy! Wonderer also getting into the spring mood! rtcampbell, I have discovered because I work at home part of the time that it is OK perhaps even good to impress the person looking back at you from the mirror. I dress casual for my at home work days but I have learned that taking a bit of time for myself makes me more comfortable in my own skin. So if you are happy with your day to day uniform then don't change it but if you are here because you want something more think about how to spice it up a bit or how to make your not work time more stylish. There are a lot of very clever ladies here who have lots of helpful suggestions. Today I am wearing light purple jeans with a black and white striped long sleeve Tshirt and a purple and black floral scarf to pull it all together. Stud earrings. I wanted a little spring in my life too!

  18. Wonderer, if it were 50 degrees here we would be bundled up in sweaters and coats. South Mississippi is not known for cold weather. After work dressing depends on what I'm doing. If I'm home, it's just a pair of pants and t-shirts. I do try to look nice when I go to Chorale rehearsals, and a jacket/sweater is a must, especially if I wear short sleeves. Even in winter the auditorium is cold. Church on Sunday is a pair of dress slacks and a nice shirt/top. Too bad they don't make pretty blouses anymore (collar, long sleeves with cuffs, soft material). I wear very few skirts to church since I sit at a grand piano on a stage. The last thing I need is my skirt riding up, so pants are a lot more convenient. Jewelry is mainly earrings and necklaces. No bracelets since they get in the way. I love rings and have different styles I like, but take them off when playing. When I have a little time (LOL), I'm hitting the discount stores for some spring pants. All I have now are neutrals. Would love some color. Renee

  19. It's 73° here today. Luckily, this outfit looks better in person. Planning to wear it out to eat tonight...lime green linen jacket, ombre top (goes from brownish yellow to a green, then a brown shade on bottom), chocolate brown jeans and brown shoes.

  20. Oops, forgot to post the pic! Lime green pendant necklace with brown balls on it...if you look close.


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