Links are not working...anybody else?

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  1. I use my iPad almost exclusively. It has all the current updates installed. For a number of months now, when I view my MSP Personal Profile Shopping Guide, when I click on the link to go to that week's selected store, i.e. Nordstrom, the link does not work. For example, if I want to look at the store's site to see what other colors an item comes in, I click on the link under the item an/or click on the picture...and the link does not work. I cannot get to the store's site from MSP's site. It used to work, but no more. I know others of you must use iPads. Do any of you have that problem? I contacted MSP's help desk and this is what they said: Has your iPad had a recent update? I was able to click on the Nordstrom links in this week's shopping guide and it took me directly to the top I was looking at. I am using an Apple computer w/ firefox browser.

  1. So is this not working on ipads?

  2. I generally use my home computer and the links work fine on it. I checked my iPad for you. The links didn't work so it is definitely and iPad issue. I just did an upgrade so perhaps that did it. I know it worked in January because I read the article while I was on vacation. sorry, I don't have any suggestions but at least your not alone!

  3. Catherine, thank you soooo much for checking!!!! Another problem I have is with posting pics on the forum. It almost always turns my pics sideways. And I can only post one at a time; otherwise it just posts the same pic twice. I have reported this problem too and they just say it works on theirs.?????

  4. IPad problem again. It works perfect on a computer but it won't on my iPad. Hmmmm. I wonder if other tablets have the same problem.

  5. Sorry about the inconvenience. I just tried with my (older) iPad) and was successful with the Nordstoms' link.

  6. Thanks mgiverny!

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